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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
20-Apr-2014Friends of Hot Jupiters. I. A Radial Velocity Search for Massive, Long-period Companions to Close-in Gas Giant PlanetsKnutson, Heather A.; Fulton, Benjamin J; Montet, Benjamin T; Kao, Melodie; Ngo, Henry, et al
20-Mar-2014The Hunt for Exomoons with Kepler (HEK). IV. A Search for Moons around Eight M DwarfsKipping, DM; Nesvorný, D; Buchhave, Lars A.; Hartman, J; Bakos, Gaspar Aron, et al
2014The Transiting Exoplanet Survey SatelliteRicker, George R; Winn, Joshua N; Vanderspek, Roland; Latham, David W; Bakos, Gaspar Aron, et al
Dec-2015The contribution of the major planet search surveys to EChO target selectionMicela, Giuseppina; Bakos, Gaspar Aron; López-Morales, Mercedes; Maxted, Pierre FL; Pagano, Isabella, et al
Sep-2015HAT-P-55b: A Hot Jupiter Transiting a Sun-Like StarJuncher, D; Buchhave, Lars A.; Hartman, Joel D.; Bakos, Gaspar Aron; Bieryla, A, et al
20-Jan-2015The Possible Moon of Kepler-90g is a False PositiveKipping, DM; Huang, X; Nesvorný, D; Torres, G; Buchhave, Lars A., et al
Jan-2013HATS-1b: The First Transiting Planet Discovered by the HATSouth SurveyPenev, K; Bakos, Gaspar Aron; Bayliss, D; Jordán, A.; Mohler, M, et al
20-Jun-2013The Hunt for Exomoons with Kepler (HEK). II. Analysis of Seven Viable Satellite-hosting Planet CandidatesKipping, DM; Hartman, J; Buchhave, Lars A.; Schmitt, AR; Bakos, Gaspar Aron, et al
Feb-2013HATSouth: A Global Network of Fully Automated Identical Wide-Field TelescopesBakos, Gaspar Aron; Csubry, Zoltan; Penev, K; Bayliss, D; Jordán, A., et al
1-Apr-2013Orbital Phase Variations of the Eccentric Giant Planet HAT-P-2bLewis, Nikole K; Knutson, Heather A.; Showman, Adam P; Cowan, Nicolas B; Laughlin, Gregory P., et al