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Dissecting the origin of the submillimetre emission in nearby galaxies with Herschel and LABOCA

Author(s): Galametz, M; Albrecht, M; Kennicutt, R; Aniano, G; Bertoldi, F; et al

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Abstract: We model the infrared to submillimetre spectral energy distribution of 11 nearby galaxies of the Key Insights on Nearby Galaxies: A Far-Infrared Survey with Herschel sample using Spitzer and Herschel data and compare model extrapolations at 870 mu m (using different fitting techniques) with Large APEX BOlometer CAmera (LABOCA) 870 mu m observations. We investigate how the differences between predictions and observations vary with model assumptions or environment. At global scales, we find that modified blackbody models using realistic cold emissivity indices (beta(c) = 2 or 1.5) are able to reproduce the 870 mu m observed emission within the uncertainties for most of the sample. Low values (beta(c) < 1.3) would be required in NGC 0337, NGC 1512 and NGC 7793. At local scales, we observe a systematic 870 mu m excess when using beta(c) = 2.0. The beta(c) = 1.5 or the Draine & Li (2007) models can reconcile predictions with observations in part of the discs. Some of the remaining ‘excesses’ occur towards the centres and can be partly or fully accounted for by non-dust contributions such as CO(3-2) or, to a lesser extent, free-free or synchrotron emission. In three non-barred galaxies, the remaining excesses rather occur in the disc outskirts. This could be a sign of a flattening of the submm slope (and decrease of the effective emissivity index) with radius in these objects.
Publication Date: 11-Apr-2014
Electronic Publication Date: 15-Feb-2014
Citation: Galametz, M, Albrecht, M, Kennicutt, R, Aniano, G, Bertoldi, F, Calzetti, D, Croxall, KV, Dale, D, Draine, B, Engelbracht, C, Gordon, K, Hinz, J, Hunt, LK, Kirkpatrick, A, Murphy, E, Roussel, H, Skibba, RA, Walter, F, Weiss, A, Wilson, CD. (2014). Dissecting the origin of the submillimetre emission in nearby galaxies with Herschel and LABOCA. MONTHLY NOTICES OF THE ROYAL ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY, 439 (2542 - 2570. doi:10.1093/mnras/stu113
DOI: doi:10.1093/mnras/stu113
ISSN: 0035-8711
EISSN: 1365-2966
Pages: 2542 - 2570
Type of Material: Journal Article
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