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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2013A Millennial Challenge: Extremism in Uncertain TimesFiske, Susan T.
19-Jan-2016Changing climates of conflict: A social network experiment in 56 schoolsPaluck, Elizabeth L.; Shepherd, Hana; Aronow, Peter M.
Dec-2013Nations’ Income Inequality Predicts Ambivalence in Stereotype Content: How Societies Mind the GapDurante, Federica; Fiske, Susan T.; Kervyn, Nicolas; Cuddy, Amy J.C.; Akande, Adebowale Debo, et al
Mar-2016Resource Scarcity and Prescriptive Attitudes Generate Subtle, Intergenerational Older-Worker ExclusionNorth, Michael S.; Fiske, Susan T.
Dec-2014Shifting Liberal and Conservative Attitudes Using Moral Foundations TheoryDay, Martin V.; Fiske, Susan T.; Downing, Emily L.; Trail, Thomas E.
May-2014Neural Substrates of Social Status Inference: Roles of Medial Prefrontal Cortex and Superior Temporal SulcusMason, Malia; Magee, Joe C.; Fiske, Susan T.
Apr-2014How Social Neuroscience Can Inform Theories of Social ComparisonSwencionis, Jillian K.; Fiske, Susan T.
Aug-2015Grolar Bears, Social Class, and Policy Relevance: Extraordinary Agendas for the Emerging 21st CenturyFiske, Susan T.
May-2016Promote up, ingratiate down: Status comparisons drive warmth-competence tradeoffs in impression managementSwencionis, Jillian K.; Fiske, Susan T.
Mar-2014Multitasking versus multiplexing: Toward a normative account of limitations in the simultaneous execution of control-demanding behaviorsFeng, S.F.; Schwemmer, M.; Gershman, S.J.; Cohen, Jonathan D.