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Author(s): BHATT, Ravindra N; JOHRI, S

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Abstract: We discuss the role of rare fluctuation effects in quantum condensed matter systems. In particular, we present recent numerical results of the effect of resonant states in Anderson's original model of electron localization. We find that such resonances give rise to anomalous behavior of eigenstates not just far in the Lifshitz tail, but rather for a substantial fraction of eigenstates, especially for intermediate disorder. The anomalous behavior includes non-analyticity in various properties as a characteristic. The effect of dimensionality on the singularity, which is present in all dimensions, is described, and the behavior for bounded and unbounded disorder is contrasted
Publication Date: Jan-2012
Citation: BHATT, RN, JOHRI, S. (2012). "RARE" FLUCTUATION EFFECTS IN THE ANDERSON MODEL OF LOCALIZATION. International Journal of Modern Physics: Conference Series, 11 (79 - 89. doi:10.1142/S2010194512006186
DOI: doi:10.1142/S2010194512006186
ISSN: 2010-1945
EISSN: 2010-1945
Pages: 79 - 89
Type of Material: Conference Article
Journal/Proceeding Title: International Journal of Modern Physics: Conference Series
Version: Author's manuscript

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