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Numerical study of anisotropy in a composite Fermi liquid

Author(s): Ippoliti, M; Geraedts, SD; Bhatt, Ravindra N

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Abstract: We perform density-matrix renormalization group studies of a two-dimensional electron gas in a high perpendicular magnetic field and with an anisotropic band mass. At half filling in the lowest Landau level, such a system is a Fermi liquid of composite fermions. By measuring the Fermi surface of these composite fermions, we determine a relationship between the anisotropy of composite fermion dispersion αCF and the original anisotropy αF of the fermion dispersion at zero magnetic field. For systems where the electrons interact via a Coulomb interaction, we find αCF=αF within our numerical accuracy. The same result has been found concurrently in recent experiments. We also find that the relationship between the anisotropies is dependent on the form of the electron-electron interaction.
Publication Date: 16-May-2017
Electronic Publication Date: 16-May-2017
Citation: Ippoliti, M, Geraedts, SD, Bhatt, RN. (2017). Numerical study of anisotropy in a composite Fermi liquid. Physical Review B, 95 (10.1103/PhysRevB.95.201104
DOI: doi:10.1103/PhysRevB.95.201104
Type of Material: Journal Article
Journal/Proceeding Title: Physical Review B
Version: Author's manuscript

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