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Vision Paper: Grand Challenges in Resilience: Autonomous System Resilience through Design and Runtime Measures

Author(s): Bagchi, Saurabh; Aggarwal, Vaneet; Chaterji, Somali; Douglis, Fred; Gamal, Aly El; et al

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Abstract: In this article, we put forward the substantial challenges in cyber resilience in the domain of autonomous systems and outline foundational solutions to address these challenges. These solutions fall into two broad themes: resilience-by-design and resilience-by-reaction. We use several application drivers from autonomous systems to motivate the challenges in cyber resilience and to demonstrate the benefit of the solutions. We focus on some autonomous systems in the near horizon (autonomous ground and aerial vehicles) and also a little more distant (autonomous rescue and relief). For resilience-by-design, we focus on design methods in software that are needed for our cyber systems to be resilient. In contrast, for resilience-by-reaction, we discuss how to make systems resilient by responding, reconfiguring, or recovering at runtime when failures happen. We also discuss the notion of adaptive execution to improve resilience, execution transparently and adaptively among available execution platforms (mobile/embedded, edge, and cloud). For each of the two themes, we survey the current state, and the desired state and ways to get there. We conclude the paper by looking at the research challenges we will have to solve in the short and the mid-term to make the vision of resilient autonomous systems a reality. This article came out of discussions that started at the NSF-sponsored Grand Challenges in Resilience Workshop held at Purdue in 2019 with the co-authors contributing to going into the depth of the issues and then this article.
Publication Date: 3-Jul-2020
Citation: Bagchi, Saurabh, Aggarwal, Vaneet, Chaterji, Somali, Douglis, Fred, Gamal, Aly El, Han, Jiawei, Henz, Brian J, Hoffmann, Henry, Jana, Suman, Kulkarni, Milind, Lin, Felix Xiaozhu, Marais, Karen, Mittal, Prateek, Mou, Shaoshuai, Qiu, Xiaokang, Scutari, Gesualdo. (2020). Vision Paper: Grand Challenges in Resilience: Autonomous System Resilience through Design and Runtime Measures. IEEE Open Journal of the Computer Society, 1 (155 - 172. doi:10.1109/ojcs.2020.3006807
DOI: doi:10.1109/ojcs.2020.3006807
EISSN: 2644-1268
Pages: 155 - 172
Type of Material: Journal Article
Journal/Proceeding Title: IEEE Open Journal of the Computer Society
Version: Final published version. This is an open access article.

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