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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
28-Jun-2017A General Small-Scale Reactor to Enable Standardization and Acceleration of Photocatalytic ReactionsLe, Chi Chip; Wismer, Michael K.; Shi, Zhicai; Zhang, Rui; Conway, Donald V., et al
2012A general approach to the enantioselective α-oxidation of aldehydesvia synergistic catalysisSimonovich, Scott P.; Van Humbeck, Jeffrey F.; MacMillan, David W.C.
Apr-2018Common and divergent features of galactose-1-phosphate and fructose-1-phosphate toxicity in yeast.Gibney, Patrick A; Schieler, Ariel; Chen, Jonathan C; Bacha-Hummel, Jessie M; Botstein, Maxim, et al
23-Nov-2011Rigidity of spherical codesCohn, Henry; Jiao, Yang; Kumar, Abhinav; Torquato, Salvatore
May-2012Bi 2Te 1.6S 1.4: A topological insulator in the tetradymite familyJi, Huiwen; Allred, Jared M.; Fuccillo, Michael K.; Charles, M.E.; Neupane, Madhab, et al
Mar-2012Fermi-surface topology and low-lying electronic structure of the iron-based superconductor Ca 10(Pt 3As 8)(Fe 2As 2) 5Neupane, Madhab; Liu, Chang; Xu, Su-Yang; Wang, Yung-Jui; Ni, Ni, et al
19-Mar-2012Bis(imino)pyridine Iron Dinitrogen Compounds Revisited: Differences in Electronic Structure Between Four- and Five-Coordinate Derivatives.Stieber, S Chantal E; Milsmann, Carsten; Hoyt, Jordan M; Turner, Zoe R; Finkelstein, Kenneth D, et al
4-Sep-2013Catalytic Hydrogenation Activity and Electronic Structure Determination of Bis(arylimidazol-2-ylidene)pyridine Cobalt Alkyl and Hydride ComplexesYu, Renyuan Pony; Darmon, Jonathan M; Milsmann, Carsten; Margulieux, Grant W; Stieber, S Chantal E, et al
28-Dec-2016Insight into Transmetalation Enables Cobalt-Catalyzed Suzuki-Miyaura Cross CouplingNeely, Jamie M; Bezdek, Mate J; Chirik, Paul J
Aug-2012High-Activity Iron Catalysts for the Hydrogenation of Hindered, Unfunctionalized AlkenesYu, Renyuan Pony; Darmon, Jonathan M; Hoyt, Jordan M; Margulieux, Grant W; Turner, Zoe R, et al