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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
May-2012Bi 2Te 1.6S 1.4: A topological insulator in the tetradymite familyJi, Huiwen; Allred, Jared M.; Fuccillo, Michael K.; Charles, M.E.; Neupane, Madhab, et al
Apr-2012Bulk intergrowth of a topological insulator with a room-temperature ferromagnetJi, Huiwen; Allred, Jared M.; Ni, Ni; Tao, Jing; Neupane, Madhab, et al
17-Jul-2013Chemically gated electronic structure of a superconducting doped topological insulator systemWray, Lewis Andrew; Xu, Suyang; Neupane, Madhab; Fedorov, A.V.; Hor, Yew San, et al
Dec-2011Erratum: Optimal packings of superballs [Phys. Rev. E 79 , 041309 (2009)]Jiao, Y; Stillinger, Frank H; Torquato, Salvatore
Aug-2015Ground states of stealthy hyperuniform potentials. II. Stacked-slider phasesZhang, Ge; Stillinger, Frank H; Torquato, Salvatore
1-Jan-2019A New Magnetic Topological Quantum Material Candidate by DesignGui, X; Pletikosic, I; Cao, H; Tien, HJ; Xu, X, et al
Feb-2017Electronic band structure for occupied and unoccupied states of the natural topological superlattice phaseKhalil, L; Papalazarou, E; Caputo, M; Nilforoushan, N; Perfetti, L, et al
Sep-2012Emergence of superconductivity in BaNi (Ge P ) at a structural instabilityHirai, Daigorou; von Rohr, Fabian; Cava, Robert J
Nov-2014Electronic Structure Basis for the Extraordinary Magnetoresistance inPletikosić, Ivo; Ali, Mazhar N; Fedorov, AV; Cava, Robert J; Valla, T
Feb-2014Avian photoreceptor patterns represent a disordered hyperuniform solution to a multiscale packing problemJiao, Yang; Lau, Timothy; Hatzikirou, Haralampos; Meyer-Hermann, Michael; Joseph, C. Corbo, et al