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Electrical Engineering

Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
17-May-2021Exploiting Operation Importance for Differentiable Neural Architecture SearchZhou, Yuan; Xie, Xukai; Kung, Sun-Yuan
6-Apr-2021Distributed Estimation for Principal Component Analysis: An Enlarged Eigenspace AnalysisChen, Xi; Lee, Jason D; Li, He; Yang, Yun
19-Mar-2021Blind Federated Edge LearningAmiri, Mohammad Mohammadi; Duman, Tolga M; Gunduz, Deniz; Kulkarni, Sanjeev R; Poor, H Vincent Poor
19-Mar-2021New material platform for superconducting transmon qubits with coherence times exceeding 0.3 millisecondsPlace, Alexander PM; Rodgers, Lila VH; Mundada, Pranav; Smitham, Basil M; Fitzpatrick, Mattias; et al
19-Feb-2021Semiconductor Qubits in PracticeChatterjee, Anasua; Stevenson, Paul; De Franceschi, Silvano; Morello, Andrea; de Leon, Nathalie P; et al
16-Feb-2021FaSTrack: A Modular Framework for Real-Time Motion Planning and Guaranteed Safe TrackingChen, Mo; Herbert, Sylvia L; Hu, Haimin; Pu, Ye; Fisac, Jaime Fernandez; et al
3-Feb-2021Fully Dynamic Inference with Deep Neural NetworksXia, Wenhan; Yin, Hongxu; Dai, Xiaoliang; Jha, Niraj K
Feb-2021On the theory of policy gradient methods: Optimality, approximation, and distribution shiftAgarwal, A; Kakade, SM; Lee, JD; Mahajan, G
27-Jan-2021Convergence of Update Aware Device Scheduling for Federated Learning at the Wireless EdgeAmiri, Mohammad Mohammadi; Gunduz, Deniz; Kulkarni, Sanjeev R; Poor, H Vincent
11-Jan-2021SHARKS: Smart Hacking Approaches for RisK Scanning in Internet-of-Things and Cyber-Physical Systems based on Machine learningSaha, Tanujay; Aaraj, Najwa; Ajjarapu, Neel; Jha, Niraj K
2021p-Type molecular doping by charge transfer in halide perovskiteEuvrard, Julie; Gunawan, Oki; Zhong, Xinjue; Harvey, Steven P; Kahn, Antoine; et al
2021REITS: Reflective Surface for Intelligent Transportation SystemsLi, Zhuqi; Wu, Can; Wagner, Sigurd; Sturm, James C; Verma, Naveen; et al
2021Hybrid III-V diamond photonic platform for quantum nodes based on neutral silicon vacancy centers in diamondHuang, D; Abulnaga, A; Welinski, S; Raha, M; Thompson, Jeffrey D; et al
2021Device Performance of Emerging Photovoltaic Materials (Version 1)Almora, O; Baran, D; Bazan, GC; Berger, C; Cabrera, CI; et al
2021Advances and Open Problems in Federated LearningKairouz, Peter; McMahan, H Brendan; Avent, Brendan; Bellet, Aurélien; Bennis, Mehdi; et al
2020Quadrupolar interactions between acceptor pairs in p -doped semiconductorsDurst, AC; Yang-Mejia, G; Bhatt, Ravindra N
30-Nov-2020Optically Detected Magnetic Resonance in Neutral Silicon Vacancy Centers in Diamond via Bound Exciton StatesZhang, Zi-Huai; Stevenson, Paul; Thiering, Gergő; Rose, Brendon C; Huang, Ding; et al
10-Nov-2020Incremental Learning Using a Grow-and-Prune Paradigm With Efficient Neural NetworksDai, Xiaoliang; Yin, Hongxu; Jha, Niraj K
2-Sep-2020High-Frequency Power Electronics at the Grid Edge: A Bottom-Up Approach Toward the Smart GridChen, Minjie; Poor, H Vincent
18-Aug-2020Charge state dynamics and optically detected electron spin resonance contrast of shallow nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamondYuan, Zhiyang; Fitzpatrick, Mattias; Rodgers, Lila VH; Sangtawesin, Sorawis; Srinivasan, Srikanth; et al