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Wide-area Network Acceleration for the Developing World

Author(s): Ihm, Sunghwan; Park, KyoungSoo; Pai, Vivek S

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Abstract: Wide-area network (WAN) accelerators operate by compressing redundant network traffic from point-to-point communications, enabling higher effective bandwidth. Unfortunately, while network bandwidth is scarce and expensive in the developing world, current WAN accelerators are designed for enterprise use, and are a poor fit in these environments. We present Wanax, a WAN accelerator designed for developing-world deployments. It uses a novel multiresolution chunking (MRC) scheme that provides high compression rates and high disk performance for a variety of content, while using much less memory than existing approaches. Wanax exploits the design of MRC to perform intelligent load shedding to maximize throughput when running on resource-limited shared platforms. Finally, Wanax exploits the mesh network environments being deployed in the developing world, instead of just the star topologies common in enterprise branch offices.
Publication Date: 2010
Citation: Ihm, Sunghwan, KyoungSoo Park, and Vivek S. Pai. "Wide-area Network Acceleration for the Developing World." In USENIX Annual Technical Conference (2010).
Type of Material: Conference Article
Journal/Proceeding Title: USENIX Annual Technical Conference
Version: Final published version. This is an open access article.

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