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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
27-Dec-2011An Accessible Approach to Preparing Water-Soluble Mn 2+ -Doped (CdSSe)ZnS (Core)Shell Nanocrystals for Ratiometric Temperature SensingHsia, Chih-Hao; Wuttig, Anna; Yang, Haw
21-Sep-2018Active particles bound by information flows.Khadka, Utsab; Holubec, Viktor; Yang, Haw; Cichos, Frank
17-Jul-2014Analysis of Trajectory Entropy for Continuous Stochastic Processes at EquilibriumHaas, Kevin R; Yang, Haw; Chu, Jhih-Wei
21-Jan-2015Discovery of Protein- and DNA-Imperceptible Nanoparticle Hard Coating Using Gel-Based Reaction TuningWelsher, Kevin; McManus, Simon A; Hsia, Chih-Hao; Yin, Shuhui; Yang, Haw
12-Dec-2013Expectation-Maximization of the Potential of Mean Force and Diffusion Coefficient in Langevin Dynamics from Single Molecule FRET Data Photon by PhotonHaas, Kevin R; Yang, Haw; Chu, Jhih-Wei
2013Fisher information metric for the Langevin equation and least informative models of continuous stochastic dynamicsHaas, Kevin R; Yang, Haw; Chu, Jhih-Wei
2013Harnessing thermal fluctuations for purposeful activities: the manipulation of single micro-swimmers by adaptive photon nudgingQian, Bian; Montiel, Daniel; Bregulla, Andreas; Cichos, Frank; Yang, Haw
2015Imaging the behavior of molecules in biological systems: breaking the 3D speed barrier with 3D multi-resolution microscopyWelsher, Kevin; Yang, Haw
23-Dec-2014Kinetics Profiling of Gramicidin S Synthetase A, a Member of Nonribosomal Peptide SynthetasesSun, Xun; Li, Hao; Alfermann, Jonas; Mootz, Henning D; Yang, Haw
2013Ligand synthesis and passivation for silver and large gold nanoparticles for single-particle-based sensing and spectroscopy.Montiel, Daniel; Yates, Emma V; Sun, Li; Sampias, Marissa M; Malona, John; et al
2014Mechanodelivery of nanoparticles to the cytoplasm of living cellsEmerson, Nyssa T; Hsia, Chih-Hao; Rafalska-Metcalf, Ilona U; Yang, Haw
1-Nov-2018Nano-plasmonics and electronics co-integration in CMOS enabling a pill-sized multiplexed fluorescence microarray systemHong, Lingyu; Li, Hao; Yang, Haw; Sengupta, Kaushik
11-Jul-2013Numerical Construction of Estimators for Single-Molecule Fluorescence MeasurementsKawai, Shinnosuke; Cooper, David; Landes, Christy; Mootz, Henning D; Yang, Haw; et al
20-Aug-2014“Plug-and-Go” Strategy To Manipulate Streptavidin ValenciesSun, Xun; Montiel, Daniel; Li, Hao; Yang, Haw
22-Jul-2014Stochastic Localization of Microswimmers by Photon NudgingBregulla, Andreas P; Yang, Haw; Cichos, Frank
Mar-2012Structural distributions from single-molecule measurements as a tool for molecular mechanicsHanson, Jeffrey A; Brokaw, Jason; Hayden, Carl C; Chu, Jhih-Wei; Yang, Haw
20-Mar-2014Trajectory Entropy of Continuous Stochastic Processes at EquilibriumHaas, Kevin R; Yang, Haw; Chu, Jhih-Wei
28-Mar-2018A versatile optical microscope for time-dependent single-molecule and single-particle spectroscopyLi, Hao; Yang, Haw