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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
1-Jul-2015The 3–4-Week MJO Prediction Skill in a GFDL Coupled ModelXiang, Baoqiang; Zhao, Ming; Jiang, Xianan; Lin, Shian-Jiann; Li, Tim; et al
16-Jul-2016Assessing GFDL high-resolution climate model water and energy budgets from AMIP simulations over AfricaTian, Di; Pan, Ming; Jia, Liwei; Vecchi, Gabriel; Wood, Eric F
1-Feb-2015Beyond Weather Time-Scale Prediction for Hurricane Sandy and Super Typhoon Haiyan in a Global Climate ModelXiang, Baoqiang; Lin, Shian-Jiann; Zhao, Ming; Zhang, Shaoqing; Vecchi, Gabriel; et al
3-Jun-2020Climatological, virological and sociological drivers of current and projected dengue fever outbreak dynamics in Sri LankaWagner, Caroline E; Hooshyar, Milad; Baker, Rachel E; Yang, Wenchang; Arinaminpathy, Nimalan; et al
1-Dec-2016Detection, Attribution, and Projection of Regional Rainfall Changes on (Multi-) Decadal Time Scales: A Focus on Southeastern South AmericaZhang, Honghai; Delworth, Thomas L; Zeng, Fanrong; Vecchi, Gabriel; Paffendorf, Karen; et al
17-Nov-2017Impact of an observational time window on coupled data assimilation: simulation with a simple climate modelZhao, Yuxin; Deng, Xiong; Zhang, Shaoqing; Liu, Zhengyu; Liu, Chang; et al
15-Jan-2023North Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Outer Size and Structure Remain Unchanged by the Late Twenty-First CenturySchenkel, Benjamin A; Chavas, Daniel; Lin, Ning; Knutson, Thomas; Vecchi, Gabriel; et al
15-Oct-2018Projected Response of Tropical Cyclone Intensity and Intensification in a Global Climate ModelBhatia, Kieran; Vecchi, Gabriel; Murakami, Hiroyuki; Underwood, Seth; Kossin, James
9-Jun-2018Regional Arctic sea–ice prediction: potential versus operational seasonal forecast skillBushuk, Mitchell; Msadek, Rym; Winton, Michael; Vecchi, Gabriel; Yang, Xiaosong; et al
1-May-2018The Risks of Contracting the Acquisition and Processing of the Nation’s Weather and Climate Data to the Private SectorSerra, Yolande L; Haase, Jennifer S; Adams, David K; Fu, Qiang; Ackerman, Thomas P; et al
26-Jan-2021Sea Surface Salinity Response to Tropical Cyclones Based on Satellite ObservationsSun, Jingru; Vecchi, Gabriel; Soden, Brian
22-May-2017Seasonal Prediction Skill of Northern Extratropical Surface Temperature Driven by the StratosphereJia, Liwei; Yang, Xiaosong; Vecchi, Gabriel; Gudgel, Richard; Delworth, Thomas; et al
1-Feb-2019Tropical rainfall predictions from multiple seasonal forecast systemsScaife, Adam A; Ferranti, Laura; Alves, Oscar; Athanasiadis, Panos; Baehr, Johanna; et al