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Feb-2019A bright future: optogenetics to dissect the spatiotemporal control of cell behavior.Goglia, Alexander G; Toettcher, Jared E
31-Aug-2018Cancer mutations and targeted drugs can disrupt dynamic signal encoding by the Ras-Erk pathway.Bugaj, Lukasz J; Sabnis, Amit J; Mitchell, Amir; Garbarino, JE; Toettcher, Jared E; et al
13-Aug-2020Development of light-responsive protein binding in the monobody non-immunoglobulin scaffoldCarrasco-López, César; Zhao, Evan M; Gil, Agnieszka A; Alam, Nathan; Toettcher, Jared E; et al
13-Aug-2020Engineering combinatorial and dynamic decoders using synthetic immediate-early genesRavindran, Pavithran T; Wilson, Maxwell Z; Jena, Siddhartha G; Toettcher, Jared E
27-Jun-2018Four Key Steps Control Glycolytic Flux in Mammalian Cells.Tanner, Lukas Bahati; Goglia, Alexander G; Wei, Monica H; Sehgal, Talen; Parsons, Lance R; et al
-Illuminating developmental biology with cellular optogenetics.Johnson, Heath E; Toettcher, Jared E
25-Mar-2020A Live-Cell Screen for Altered Erk Dynamics Reveals Principles of Proliferative ControlGoglia, Alexander G; Wilson, Maxwell Z; Jena, Siddhartha G; Silbert, Jillian; Basta, Lena P; et al
13-Aug-2020Optogenetic control of protein binding using light-switchable nanobodiesGil, Agnieszka A; Carrasco-López, César; Zhu, Liyuan; Zhao, Evan M; Ravindran, Pavithran T; et al
1-May-2018Optogenetic Reconstitution for Determining the Form and Function of Membraneless Organelles.Dine, Elliot; Toettcher, Jared E
Sep-2020Optogenetic Rescue of a Patterning MutantJohnson, Heath E; Djabrayan, Nareg JV; Shvartsman, Stanislav Y; Toettcher, Jared E
19-Jun-2018P-Rex1 is dispensable for Erk activation and mitogenesis in breast cancerBarrio-Real, Laura; Lopez-Haber, Cynthia; Casado-Medrano, Victoria; Goglia, Alexander G; Toettcher, Jared E; et al
Jun-2018Preclinical assessment of antiviral combination therapy in a genetically humanized mouse model for hepatitis delta virus infection.Winer, Benjamin Y; Shirvani-Dastgerdi, Elham; Bram, Yaron; Sellau, Julie; Low, Benjamin E; et al
Jun-2018Protein Phase Separation Provides Long-Term Memory of Transient Spatial Stimuli.Dine, Elliot; Gil, Agnieszka A; Uribe, Giselle; Brangwynne, Clifford P; Toettcher, Jared E
11-Feb-2019Signaling Dynamics Control Cell Fate in the Early Drosophila Embryo.Johnson, Heath E; Toettcher, Jared E
23-Jan-2017The Spatiotemporal Limits of Developmental Erk SignalingJohnson, Heath E; Goyal, Yogesh; Pannucci, Nicole L; Schüpbach, Trudi; Shvartsman, Stanislav Y; et al
17-Aug-2017Tracing Information Flow from Erk to Target Gene Induction Reveals Mechanisms of Dynamic and Combinatorial Control.Wilson, Maxwell Z; Ravindran, Pavithran T; Lim, Wendell A; Toettcher, Jared E
Oct-2020Unraveling the Mechanism of a LOV Domain Optogenetic Sensor: A Glutamine Lever Induces Unfolding of the Jα HelixIuliano, James N; Collado, Jinnette Tolentino; Gil, Agnieszka A; Ravindran, Pavithran T; Lukacs, Andras; et al
15-Nov-2016Viral DNA Sensors IFI16 and Cyclic GMP-AMP Synthase Possess Distinct Functions in Regulating Viral Gene Expression, Immune Defenses, and Apoptotic Responses during Herpesvirus InfectionDiner, Benjamin A; Lum, Krystal K; Toettcher, Jared E; Cristea, Ileana M