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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
19-Dec-2011Accurate proteome-wide protein quantification from high-resolution15N mass spectraKhan, Z; Amini, S; Bloom, JS; Ruse, C; Caudy, AA; et al
17-Nov-2015Beyond the E-Value: Stratified Statistics for Protein Domain PredictionOchoa, A; Storey, John D; LlinĂ¡s, M; Singh, Mona
22-Dec-2013CCAT: Combinatorial Code Analysis Tool for transcriptional regulationJiang, P; Singh, Mona
30-May-2013Computational Assessment of the Cooperativity between RNA Binding Proteins and MicroRNAs in Transcript DecayJiang, P; Singh, Mona; Coller, HA
18-Apr-2013Computational solutions for omics dataBerger, B; Peng, J; Singh, Mona
5-Apr-2011A cost-aggregating integer linear program for motif findingKingsford, C; Zaslavsky, E; Singh, Mona
27-Sep-2011The Cutoff protein regulates piRNA cluster expression and piRNA production in the Drosophila germlinePane, A; Jiang, P; Zhao, DY; Singh, Mona; Schupbach, Gertrud M.
7-Nov-2013Deep sequencing of large library selections allows computational discovery of diverse sets of zinc fingers that bind common targetsPersikov, AV; Rowland, EF; Oakes, BL; Singh, Mona; Noyes, MB
25-Aug-2017Differential analysis between somatic mutation and germline variation profiles reveals cancer-related genesPrzytycki, PF; Singh, Mona
16-Jan-2013Disentangling function from topology to infer the network properties of disease genesGhersi, D; Singh, Mona
13-May-2011An expanded binding model for Cys<inf>2</inf>His<inf>2</inf> zinc finger protein-DNA interfacesPersikov, AV; Singh, Mona
21-Feb-2013From Hub Proteins to Hub Modules: The Relationship Between Essentiality and Centrality in the Yeast Interactome at Different Scales of OrganizationSong, J; Singh, Mona
5-Oct-2015Genome-Wide Detection and Analysis of Multifunctional GenesPritykin, Y; Ghersi, D; Singh, Mona
18-Apr-2017Integrative analysis unveils new functions for the Drosophila Cutoff protein in noncoding RNA biogenesis and gene regulationPritykin, Y; Brito, T; Schupbach, Gertrud M.; Singh, Mona; Pane, A
19-Dec-2013Interaction-based discovery of functionally important genes in cancersGhersi, D; Singh, Mona
28-Mar-2014MolBLOCKS: Decomposing small molecule sets and uncovering enriched fragmentsGhersi, D; Singh, Mona
27-Sep-2017Network-based coverage of mutational profiles reveals cancer genesHristov, BH; Singh, Mona
1-Jan-2014De novo prediction of DNA-binding specificities for Cys<inf>2</inf>His<inf>2</inf>zinc finger proteinsPersikov, AV; Singh, Mona
6-Mar-2015Pervasive Variation of Transcription Factor Orthologs Contributes to Regulatory Network EvolutionNadimpalli, S; Persikov, AV; Singh, Mona
14-Aug-2012Quantitative measurement of allele-specific protein expression in a diploid yeast hybrid by LC-MSKhan, Z; Bloom, JS; Amini, S; Singh, Mona; Perlman, DH; et al