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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
21-Dec-2012An endogenous accelerator for viral gene expression confers a fitness advantageTeng, Melissa W; Bolovan-Fritts, Cynthia; Dar, Roy D; Womack, Andrew; Simpson, Michael L; et al
3-Mar-2015Fatty Acid Elongase 7 Catalyzes Lipidome Remodeling Essential for Human Cytomegalovirus ReplicationPurdy, John G.; Shenk, Thomas; Rabinowitz, Joshua D.
Jun-2015Human cytomegalovirus pUL97 kinase induces global changes in the infected cell phosphoproteomeOberstein, Adam; Perlman, David H; Shenk, Thomas; Terry, Laura J
Jun-2015Human cytomegalovirus TRS1 protein associates with the 7-methylguanosine mRNA cap and facilitates translationZiehr, Benjamin; Lenarcic, Erik; Vincent, Heather A; Cecil, Chad; Garcia, Benjamin; et al
16-May-2013Saturated Very Long Chain Fatty Acids Are Required for the Production of Infectious Human Cytomegalovirus ProgenyKoyuncu, Emre; Purdy, John G; Rabinowitz, Joshua D; Shenk, Thomas
31-Dec-2014Sirtuins Are Evolutionarily Conserved Viral Restriction FactorsKoyuncu, Emre; Budayeva, Hanna G; Miteva, Yana V; Ricci, Dante P; Silhavy, Thomas J; et al
9-Jan-2019A tumor-specific endogenous repetitive element is induced by herpesvirusesNogalski, Maciej T.; Solovyov, Alexander; Kulkarni, Anupriya S.; Desai, Niyati; Oberstein, Adam; et al