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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
21-Mar-2014A cell-assembled, spatially aligned extracellular matrix to promote directed tissue developmentSingh, Shivani; Bandini, Stephen B; Donnelly, Patrick E; Schwartz, Jeffrey; Schwarzbauer, Jean E
20-May-2013Hole-blocking titanium-oxide/silicon heterojunction and its application to photovoltaicsAvasthi, Sushobhan; Sturm, James C.; Schwartz, Jeffrey; Kahn, Antoine; Man, Gabriel; et al
17-May-2017Nerve Guidance by a Decellularized Fibroblast Extracellular MatrixHarris, Greg M; Madigan, Nicolas N; Lancaster, Karen Z; Enquist, Lynn W; Windebank, Anthony J; et al
27-Apr-2021Promoting Neuronal Outgrowth Using Ridged Scaffolds Coated with Extracellular Matrix ProteinsSiddiqui, Ahad M; Brunner, Rosa; Harris, Gregory M; Miller, Alan Lee; Waletzki, Brian E; et al
7-Aug-2013A simple nanoscale interface directs alignment of a confluent cell layer on oxide and polymer surfacesDonnelly, Patrick E; Jones, Casey M; Bandini, Stephen B; Singh, Shivani; Schwartz, Jeffrey; et al
6-Apr-2015Structural Effects of Magnesium Dialkoxides as Precursors for Magnesium-Ion ElectrolytesHerb, JT; Nist-Lund, C; Schwartz, Jeffrey; Arnold, Craig B
10-Jan-2012Surface Derivatization Strategy for Combinatorial Analysis of Cell Response to Mixtures of Protein DomainsChiang, Chunyi; Karuri, Stella W; Kshatriya, Pradnya P; Schwartz, Jeffrey; Schwarzbauer, Jean E; et al
23-Mar-2015Titanium dioxide/silicon hole-blocking selective contact to enable double-heterojunction crystalline silicon-based solar cellBerg, Alexander H.; Kahn, Antoine; Wagner, Sigurd W.; Sturm, James C.; Schwartz, Jeffrey; et al