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13-Aug-2013The Activity and Specificity of the Outer Membrane Protein Chaperone SurA Are Modulated by a Proline Isomerase DomainRicci, Dante P; Schwalm, Jaclyn; Gonzales-Cope, Michelle; Silhavy, Thomas J
Apr-2012The Bam machine: A molecular cooperRicci, Dante P; Silhavy, Thomas J
Mar-2019Outer Membrane Protein Insertion by the β-barrel Assembly Machine.Ricci, Dante P; Silhavy, Thomas J
31-Dec-2014Sirtuins Are Evolutionarily Conserved Viral Restriction FactorsKoyuncu, Emre; Budayeva, Hanna G; Miteva, Yana V; Ricci, Dante P; Silhavy, Thomas J; et al