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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2017Basic models and questions in statistical network analysisRácz, Miklos Z; Bubeck, S
9-Nov-2015Beta-gamma tail asymptoticsPitman, J; Rácz, Miklos Z
1-Jul-2017Braess's paradox for the spectral gap in random graphs and delocalization of eigenvectorsEldan, R; Rácz, Miklos Z; Schramm, T
1-Mar-2015Can one hear the shape of a population history?Kim, J; Mossel, E; Rácz, Miklos Z; Ross, N
1-Nov-2016Coexistence in Preferential Attachment NetworksAntunović, T; Mossel, E; Rácz, Miklos Z
1-Jan-2014Modeling flocks and prices: Jumping particles with an attractive interactionBalázs, M; Rácz, Miklos Z; Tóth, B
26-Jun-2012A quantitative Gibbard-Satterthwaite theorem without neutralityMossel, E; Rácz, Miklos Z
1-Jun-2019A Smooth Transition from Wishart to GOERácz, Miklos Z; Richey, J