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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
29-May-2020Animal Models Used in Hepatitis C Virus ResearchBerggren, Keith A; Suzuki, Saori; Ploss, Alexander
24-Oct-2019Conservation of cell-intrinsic immune responses in diverse nonhuman primate species.Gaska, Jenna M; Parsons, Lance; Balev, Metodi; Cirincione, Ann; Wang, Wei; et al
10-May-2019Differences across cyclophilin A orthologs contribute to the host range restriction of hepatitis C virus.Gaska, Jenna M; Balev, Metodi; Ding, Qiang; Heller, Brigitte; Ploss, Alexander
12-Dec-2014Dramatic Potentiation of the Antiviral Activity of HIV Antibodies by Cholesterol ConjugationLacek, Krzysztof; Urbanowicz, Richard A; Troise, Fulvia; De Lorenzo, Claudia; Severino, Valeria; et al
Dec-2016Expanding the Host Range of Hepatitis C Virus through Viral Adaptationvon Schaewen, Markus; Dorner, Marcus; Hueging, Kathrin; Foquet, Lander; Gerges, Sherif; et al
31-Jan-2017Hepatitis E virus ORF3 is a functional ion channel required for release of infectious particlesDing, Qiang; Heller, Brigitte; Capuccino, Juan MV; Song, Bokai; Nimgaonkar, Ila; et al
6-Aug-2019Hepatitis E Virus Replication.LeDesma, Robert; Nimgaonkar, Ila; Ploss, Alexander
7-Jan-2020Identification of Plasmodium falciparum proteoforms from liver stage models.Winer, Benjamin; Edgel, Kimberly A; Zou, Xiaoyan; Sellau, Julie; Hadiwidjojo, Sri; et al
8-May-2018Identification of the Intragenomic Promoter Controlling Hepatitis E Virus Subgenomic RNA Transcription.Ding, Qiang; Nimgaonkar, Ila; Archer, Nicholas F; Bram, Yaron; Heller, Brigitte; et al
1-May-2015Identification, Molecular Cloning, and Analysis of Full-Length Hepatitis C Virus Transmitted/Founder Genotypes 1, 3, and 4Stoddard, Mark B; Li, Hui; Wang, Shuyi; Saeed, Mohsan; Andrus, Linda; et al
21-Jul-2016Immunogenicity of a Meningococcal B Vaccine during a University OutbreakBasta, Nicole E.; Mahmoud, Adel A.F.; Wolfson, Julian; Ploss, Alexander; Heller, Brigitte L.; et al
4-Nov-2020Liver-expressed <i>Cd302</i> and <i>Cr1l</i> limit hepatitis C virus cross-species transmission to miceBrown, Richard JP; Tegtmeyer, Birthe; Sheldon, Julie; Khera, Tanvi; Anggakusuma; et al
25-Jul-2017Long-term hepatitis B infection in a scalable hepatic co-culture system.Winer, Benjamin Y.; Huang, Tiffany S.; Pludwinski, Eitan; Heller, Brigitte; Wojcik, Felix; et al
May-2015Novel Biomarkers Associated With the Outcome of Interferon-Based Hepatitis C Virus Therapyvon Schaewen, Markus; Ploss, Alexander
23-Jun-2016Personalized Medicine Approaches in Prostate Cancer Employing Patient Derived 3D Organoids and Humanized MiceBartucci, Monica; Ferrari, Anna C; Kim, Isaac Yi; Ploss, Alexander; Yarmush, Martin; et al
5-Mar-2018A protein coevolution method uncovers critical features of the Hepatitis C Virus fusion mechanism.Douam, Florian; Fusil, Floriane; Enguehard, Margot; Dib, Linda; Nadalin, Francesca; et al
-Recent advances in understanding hepatitis CDouam, Florian; Ding, Qiang; Ploss, Alexander
Aug-2017Selection of the highly replicative and partially multidrug resistant rtS78T HBV polymerase mutation during TDF-ETV combination therapyShirvani-Dastgerdi, Elham; Winer, Benjamin Y.; CeliĆ -Terrassa, Toni; Kang, Yibin; Tabernero, David; et al
28-Nov-2018Selective expansion of myeloid and NK cells in humanized mice yields human-like vaccine responses.Douam, Florian; Ziegler, Carly GK; Hrebikova, Gabriela; Fant, Bruno; Leach, Robert; et al
14-Apr-2020A Sensitive Yellow Fever Virus Entry Reporter Identifies Valosin-Containing Protein (VCP/p97) as an Essential Host Factor for Flavivirus UncoatingRamanathan, Harish N; Zhang, Shuo; Douam, Florian; Mar, Katrina B; Chang, Jinhong; et al