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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
2014Adhesion in flexible organic and hybrid organic/inorganic light emitting device and solar cellsYu, D; Oyewole, OK; Kwabi, D; Tong, T; Anye, VC; et al
2016Cold welding of organic light emitting diode: Interfacial and contact modelsAsare, J; Adeniji, SA; Oyewole, OK; Agyei-Tuffour, B; Du, J; et al
2015Lamination of organic solar cells and organic light emitting devices: Models and experimentsOyewole, OK; Yu, D; Du, J; Asare, J; Anye, VC; et al
2015Micro-wrinkling and delamination-induced buckling of stretchable electronic structuresOyewole, OK; Yu, D; Du, J; Asare, J; Oyewole, DO; et al
2017Pressure effects on interfacial surface contacts and performance of organic solar cellsAgyei-Tuffour, B; Doumon, NY; Rwenyagila, ER; Asare, J; Oyewole, OK; et al
2016Reliability and Physics Failure of Stretchable Organic Solar CellsOyewole, OK; Oyewole, DO; Zebaze Kana, MG; Soboyejo, WO
2015Surface texture and optical properties of crystalline silicon substratesFashina, AA; Adama, KK; Oyewole, OK; Anye, VC; Asare, J; et al