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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2016Anomalous conductivity tensor in the Dirac semimetal Na3BiXiong, Jun; Kushwaha, Satya; Krizan, Jason; Liang, Tian; Cava, Robert J; et al
31-Mar-2017Anomalous Nernst Effect in the Dirac Semimetal Cd3As2Liang, Tian; Lin, Jingjing; Gibson, Quinn; Gao, Tong; Hirschberger, Max; et al
Apr-2015Bulk crystal growth and electronic characterization of the 3D Dirac semimetal Na 3 BiKushwaha, Satya K; Krizan, Jason W; Feldman, Benjamin E; Gyenis, András; Randeria, Mallika T; et al
15-Apr-2017Chiral anomaly factory: Creating Weyl fermions with a magnetic fieldCano, Jennifer; Bradlyn, Barry; Wang, Zhijun; Hirschberger, Max; Ong, Nai Phuan; et al
14-Apr-2014Comparison of Sn-doped and nonstoichiometric vertical-Bridgman-grown crystals of the topological insulator Bi2Te2SeKushwaha, SK; Gibson, QD; Xiong, J; Pletikosic, I; Weber, AP; et al
Jun-2015Correlation of crystal quality and extreme magnetoresistance of WTe2Ali, Mazhar N; Schoop, Leslie M; Xiong, Jun; Flynn, Steven; Gibson, Quinn; et al
15-Oct-2012Defects and high bulk resistivities in the Bi-rich tetradymite topological insulator Bi2+xTe2-xSeJia, Shuang; Beidenkopf, Haim; Drozdov, Ilya; Fuccillo, MK; Seo, Jungpil; et al
1-Jun-2015Dirac metal to topological metal transition at a structural phase change in Au2Pb and prediction of Z(2) topology for the superconductorSchoop, Leslie M; Xie, Lilia S; Chen, Ru; Gibson, Quinn D; Lapidus, Saul H; et al
1-Nov-2013Evidence for massive bulk Dirac fermions in Pb1−xSnxSe from Nernst and thermopower experimentsLiang, Tian; Gibson, Quinn; Xiong, Jun; Hirschberger, Max; Koduvayur, Sunanda P; et al
6-Jul-2015Heat capacity peak at the quantum critical point of the transverse Ising magnet CoNb2O6Liang, Tian; Koohpayeh, SM; Krizan, JW; McQueen, TM; Cava, RJ; et al
15-Jul-2012High-field Shubnikov-de Haas oscillations in the topological insulator Bi2Te2SeXiong, Jun; Luo, Yongkang; Khoo, YueHaw; Jia, Shuang; Cava, Robert J; et al
22-Feb-2017High-Pressure Synthesis and Characterization of beta-GeSe-A Six-Membered-Ring Semiconductor in an Uncommon Boat Conformationvon Rohr, Fabian O; Ji, Huiwen; Cevallos, F Alexandre; Gao, Tong; Ong, Nai Phuan; et al
15-Dec-2011Low-carrier-concentration crystals of the topological insulator Bi2Te2SeJia, Shuang; Ji, Huiwen; Climent-Pascual, E; Fuccillo, MK; Charles, ME; et al
15-Feb-2015Magnetic and electronic properties of CaMn2Bi2: A possible hybridization gap semiconductorGibson, QD; Wu, H; Liang, T; Ali, MN; Ong, Nai Phuan; et al
8-Nov-2016Magnetic phase diagram of underdoped YBa2Cu3Oy inferred from torque magnetization and thermal conductivityYu, Fan; Hirschberger, Max; Loew, Toshinao; Li, Gang; Lawson, Benjamin J; et al
26-Apr-2013Novel Family of Chiral-Based Topological Insulators: Elemental Tellurium under StrainAgapito, Luis A; Kioussis, Nicholas; Goddard, William A; Ong, Nai Phuan
15-Oct-2013Oscillatory surface dichroism of the insulating topological insulator Bi2Te2SeNeupane, M; Basak, S; Alidoust, N; Xu, S-Y; Liu, Chang; et al
1-Jun-2014Paramagnetic to ferromagnetic phase transition in lightly Fe-doped Cr2BSchoop, Leslie M; Hirschberger, Max; Tao, Jing; Felser, Claudia; Ong, Nai Phuan; et al
Feb-2012Quantum oscillations in a topological insulator Bi2Te2Se with large bulk resistivity (6 Omega cm)Xiong, Jun; Petersen, AC; Qu, Dongxia; Hor, YS; Cava, Robert J; et al
1-Feb-2013Reply to “Comment on ‘Diamagnetism and Cooper pairing above Tc in cuprates' ”Li, Lu; Wang, Yayu; Ong, Nai Phuan