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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
30-Oct-2017Blind De-anonymization Attacks using Social NetworksLee, W-H; Ji, S; Liu, C; Mittal, Prateek; Lee, Ruby B
9-Jun-2018How to quantify graph De-anonymization risksLee, W-H; Liu, C; Ji, S; Mittal, P; Lee, RB
18-Jun-2016Implicit sensor-based authentication of smartphone users with smartwatchLee, W-H; Lee, Ruby
31-Aug-2017Implicit Smartphone User Authentication with Sensors and Contextual Machine LearningLee, W-H; Lee, Ruby B
9-Feb-2015Multi-sensor authentication to improve smartphone securityLee, W-H; Lee, Ruby B
19-Feb-2017Quantification of de-anonymization risks in social networksLee, W-H; Liu, C; Ji, S; Mittal, Prateek; Lee, Ruby
21-Jun-2017Secure Pick Up: Implicit authentication when you start using the smartphoneLee, W-H; Liu, X; Shen, Y; Jin, H; Lee, Ruby B