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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2016Double Quantum Dot Floquet Gain MediumStehlik, J; Liu, Y-Y; Eichler, C; Hartke, TR; Mi, X; et al
Nov-2015Injection locking of a semiconductor double-quantum-dot micromaserLiu, Y-Y; Stehlik, J; Gullans, MJ; Taylor, JM; Petta, Jason R
Jan-2018On-Chip Quantum-Dot Light Source for Quantum-Device ReadoutLiu, Y-Y; Stehlik, J; Mi, X; Hartke, TR; Gullans, MJ; et al
15-May-2015Phonon-Assisted Gain in a Semiconductor Double Quantum Dot MaserGullans, MJ; Liu, Y-Y; Stehlik, J; Petta, Jason R; Taylor, JM
29-Jul-2016Sisyphus Thermalization of Photons in a Cavity-Coupled Double Quantum DotGullans, MJ; Stehlik, J; Liu, Y-Y; Eichler, C; Petta, Jason R; et al
1-Sep-2017Threshold Dynamics of a Semiconductor Single Atom MaserLiu, Y-Y; Stehlik, J; Eichler, C; Mi, X; Hartke, TR; et al