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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
4-Dec-2018Adaptive Quantum Optics with Spatially Entangled Photon PairsDefienne, Hugo; Reichert, Matthew; Fleischer, Jason W
16-Mar-2017Biphoton transmission through non-unitary objectsReichert, M; Defienne, H; Sun, X; Fleischer, Jason W
2016Enhanced phase retrieval using nonlinear dynamicsLu, J-T; Lu, C-H; Fleischer, Jason W
7-Aug-2014Flow-scanning optical tomographyPĂ©gard, Nicolas C; Toth, Marton L; Driscoll, Monica; Fleischer, Jason W
-General Model of Photon-Pair Detection with an Image SensorDefienne, Hugo; Reichert, Matthew; Fleischer, Jason W
-Massively Parallel Coincidence Counting of High-Dimensional Entangled StatesReichert, Matthew; Defienne, Hugo; Fleischer, Jason W
10-Sep-2015Model of anisotropic nonlinearity in selfdefocusing photorefractive mediaBarsi, C; Fleischer, Jason W
-Nonlinear Imaging using Object-Dependent IlluminationLu, Jen-Tang; Goy, Alexandre S; Fleischer, Jason W
-Optimizing the signal-to-noise ratio of biphoton distribution measurementsReichert, Matthew; Defienne, Hugo; Fleischer, Jason W
13-Jul-2014Phase-space measurement for depth-resolved memory-effect imagingTakasaki, KT; Fleischer, Jason W
-Pixel super-resolution with spatially entangled photonsDefienne, Hugo; Cameron, Patrick; Ndagano, Bienvenu; Lyons, Ashley; Reichert, Matthew; et al
22-Jun-2017Quality of spatial entanglement propagationReichert, M; Sun, X; Fleischer, Jason W
18-Oct-2019Quantum image distillationDefienne, Hugo; Reichert, Matthew; Fleischer, Jason W; Faccio, Daniele
10-Jan-2012Rayleigh-Taylor instability in nonlinear Schrödinger flowJia, S; Haataja, Mikko; Fleischer, Jason W
17-Sep-2021Ultrahigh-Resolution, Label-Free Hyperlens Imaging in the Mid-IRHe, Mingze; Iyer, Ganjigunte RS; Aarav, Shaurya; Sunku, Sai S; Giles, Alexander J; et al