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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
-Absolute x-ray energy calibration and monitoring using a diffraction-based methodHong, Xinguo; Duffy, Thomas S; Ehm, Lars; Weidner, Donald J
4-Jun-2012Absolute x-ray energy calibration over a wide energy range using a diffraction-based iterative methodHong, Xinguo; Chen, Zhiqiang; Duffy, Thomas S
2012Compressibility and strength of nanocrystalline tungsten boride under compression to 60 GPaDong, Haini; Dorfman, Susannah M; Chen, Y; Wang, H; Wang, J; et al
14-Nov-2012Correction to “Intercomparison of pressure standards (Au, Pt, Mo, MgO, NaCl and Ne) to 2.5 Mbar”Dorfman, Susannah M; Prakapenka, Vitali B; Meng, Yuanku; Duffy, Thomas S
25-Apr-2018Crystal structure and equation of state of Fe-Si alloys at super-Earth core conditionsWicks, June K; Smith, Raymond F; Fratanduono, Dayne E; Coppari, Federica; Kraus, Richard G; et al
19-Apr-2015Crystal structure, thermal expansivity, and elasticity of OH‑chondrodite: trends among dense hydrous magnesium silicatesYe, Yu; Jacobsen, Steven D; Mao, Zhu; Duffy, Thomas S; Hirner, Sarah M; et al
1-May-2014Effect of Fe-enrichment on seismic properties of perovskite and post-perovskite in the deep lower mantleDorfman, Susannah M; Duffy, Thomas S
2016Electronic transitions of iron in almandine-composition glass to 91 GPaDorfman, Susannah M; Dutton, Sian E; Potapkin, Vasily; Chumakov, Aleksandr I; Rueff, Jean-Pascal; et al
11-Oct-2018Equation of state of the α-Pb O2 and Pa 3 -type phases of Ge O2 to 120 GPaDutta, Rajkrishna; White, Claire E; Greenberg, Eran; Prakapenka, Vitali B; Duffy, Thomas S
22-Sep-2013Experimental evidence for a phase transition in magnesium oxide at exoplanet pressuresCoppari, Federica; Smith, Raymond F; Eggert, Jon H; Wang, Jue; Rygg, JR; et al
4-Dec-2020Femtosecond X-Ray Diffraction of Laser-Shocked Forsterite (Mg2SiO4) to 122 GPaKim, Donghoon; Tracy, Sally J; Smith, Raymond F; Gleason, Arianna E; Bolme, Cindy A; et al
23-Feb-2016High-energy X-ray focusing and applications to pair distribution function investigation of Pt and Au nanoparticles at high pressuresHong, Xinguo; Ehm, Lars; Zhong, Zhong; Ghose, Sanjit; Duffy, Thomas S; et al
30-Aug-2016High-energy X-ray focusing and high-pressure pair distribution function measurementHong, Xinguo; Ehm, Lars; Zhong, Zhong; Ghose, Sanjit; Duffy, Thomas S; et al
27-Jul-2016High-pressure pair distribution function (PDF) measurement using high-energy focused x-ray beamHong, Xinguo; Ehm, Lars; Zhong, Zhong; Ghose, Sanjit; Duffy, Thomas S; et al
1-Aug-2015High-Pressure Phases of Cordierite From Single-Crystal X-Ray Diffraction to 15 GPaFinkelstein, Gregory J; Dera, Przemyslaw K; Duffy, Thomas S
6-Jul-2016High-pressure polymorphism of PbF2 to 75 GPaStan, Camelia V; Dutta, Rajkrishna; White, Claire E; Prakapenka, Vitali B; Duffy, Thomas S
2013High-pressure X-ray absorption fine structure in the diamond anvil cell and its applications in geological materialsHong, Xinguo; Newville, Matthew; Duffy, Thomas S
27-May-2020Hugoniot states and optical response of soda lime glass shock compressed to 120 GPaRenganathan, Prithachakaran; Duffy, Thomas S; Gupta, Yogendra M
17-Jun-2019In situ observation of a phase transition in silicon carbide under shock compression using pulsed x-ray diffractionTracy, Sally J; Smith, Raymond F; Wicks, June K; Fratanduono, Dayne E; Gleason, Arianna E; et al
29-Mar-2018In situ X-Ray Diffraction of Shock-Compressed Fused SilicaTracy, Sally June; Turneaure, Stefan J; Duffy, Thomas S