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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
27-Oct-2014The cell biology of planar cell polarityDevenport, Danelle
15-Mar-2017Celsr1 coordinates the planar polarity of vestibular hair cells during inner ear developmentDuncan, Jeremy S; Stoller, Michelle L; Francl, Andrew F; Tissir, Fadel; Devenport, Danelle; et al
16-Oct-2018Counter-rotational cell flows drive morphological and cell fate asymmetries in mammalian hair follicles.Cetera, Maureen; Leybova, Liliya; Joyce, Bradley; Devenport, Danelle
12-Jun-2019Epithelial geometry regulates spindle orientation and progenitor fate during formation of the mammalian epidermis.Box, Kimberly; Joyce, Bradley W; Devenport, Danelle
Jun-2015Mitotic Control of Planar Cell Polarity by Polo-like Kinase 1Shrestha, Rezma; Little, Katherine A.; Tamayo, Joel V.; Li, Wenyang; Perlman, David H.; et al
1-Aug-2017Planar cell polarity-dependent and independent functions in the emergence of tissue-scale hair follicle patternsCetera, Maureen; Leybova, Liliya; Woo, Frank W; Deans, Michael; Devenport, Danelle
1-Feb-2018Planar cell polarity: global inputs establishing cellular asymmetryAw, Wen Yih; Devenport, Danelle
Dec-2016Structural Characterization and Statistical-Mechanical Model of Epidermal PatternsChen, Duyu; Aw, Wen Yih; Devenport, Danelle; Torquato, Salvatore
Jul-2016Tissue morphodynamics: Translating planar polarity cues into polarized cell behaviorsDevenport, Danelle
4-Dec-2017Trans-endocytosis of Planar Cell Polarity Complexes during Cell Division.Heck, Bryan W; Devenport, Danelle