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23-Feb-2023Few-Shot Machine Learning at the Grid-Edge: Data-Driven Impedance Models for Model-Free Smart InvertersLi, Yufei; Liao, Yicheng; Chen, Minjie; Wang, Xiongfei; Nordström, Lars; et al
2-Sep-2020High-Frequency Power Electronics at the Grid Edge: A Bottom-Up Approach Toward the Smart GridChen, Minjie; Poor, H Vincent
-How MagNet: Machine Learning Framework for Modeling Power Magnetic Material CharacteristicsChen, Minjie; Li, Haoran; Serrano, Diego; Guillod, Thomas; Wang, Shukai; et al
23-Feb-2023MSC-PoL: Hybrid GaN-Si Multistacked Switched Capacitor 48V PwrSiP VRM for ChipletsWang, Ping; Chen, Yenan; Szczeszynski, Gregory; Allen, Stephen; Giuliano, David; et al
9-Jun-2021Unified Models for Coupled Inductors Applied to Multiphase PWM ConvertersChen, Minjie; Sullivan, Charles
18-Feb-2022Vertical Stacked LEGO-PoL CPU Voltage RegulatorBaek, Jaeil; Elasser, Youssef; Radhakrishnan, Kaladhar; Gan, Houle; Douglas, Jonathan P; et al
1-Feb-2023Why MagNet: Quantifying the Complexity of Modeling Power Magnetic Material CharacteristicsChen, Minjie; Serrano, Diego; Li, Haoran; Wang, Shukai; Guillod, Thomas; et al