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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
2-Feb-2017Absence of many-body localization in a single Landau levelGeraedts, SD; Bhatt, Ravindra N
20-Jan-2015Characterization of quasiholes in fractional Chern insulatorsLiu, Z; Bhatt, Ravindra N; Regnault, N
12-Jun-2013Common path interference in Zener tunneling is a universal phenomenonJohri, S; Nandkishore, R; Bhatt, Ravindra N; Mele, EJ
18-Jun-2012Comparison of the density-matrix renormalization group method applied to fractional quantum Hall systems in different geometriesHu, Z-X; Papić, Z; Johri, S; Bhatt, Ravindra N; Schmitteckert, P
25-Sep-2017Composite fermions in bands with N -fold rotational symmetryIppoliti, M; Geraedts, SD; Bhatt, Ravindra N
31-Jul-2017Connection between Fermi contours of zero-field electrons and ν= 12 composite fermions in two-dimensional systemsIppoliti, M; Geraedts, SD; Bhatt, Ravindra N
29-Jan-2018Disordered quantum spin chains with long-range antiferromagnetic interactionsMoure, N; Lee, H-Y; Haas, S; Bhatt, Ravindra N; Kettemann, S
13-Feb-2017Emergent local integrals of motion without a complete set of localized eigenstatesGeraedts, SD; Bhatt, Ravindra N; Nandkishore, R
7-Sep-2017Evolution of quantum entanglement with disorder in fractional quantum Hall liquidsLiu, Z; Bhatt, Ravindra N
6-Jun-2014Exchange coupling between silicon donors: The crucial role of the central cell and mass anisotropyPica, G; Lovett, BW; Bhatt, Ravindra N; Lyon, Stephon A
26-Oct-2017Heitler-London model for acceptor-acceptor interactions in doped semiconductorsDurst, AC; Castoria, KE; Bhatt, Ravindra N
18-Nov-2014Hyperfine Stark effect of shallow donors in siliconPica, G; Wolfowicz, G; Urdampilleta, M; Thewalt, MLW; Riemann, H; et al
29-Aug-2014Large-disorder renormalization group study of the Anderson model of localizationJohri, S; Bhatt, Ravindra N
10-Jul-2017Localization and transport in a strongly driven Anderson insulatorAgarwal, K; Ganeshan, S; Bhatt, Ravindra N
2015Matrix-Product-State Algorithm for Finite Fractional Quantum Hall SystemsLiu, Z; Bhatt, Ravindra N
16-May-2017Numerical study of anisotropy in a composite Fermi liquidIppoliti, M; Geraedts, SD; Bhatt, Ravindra N
8-Nov-2016Quantum entanglement as a diagnostic of phase transitions in disordered fractional quantum hall liquidsLiu, Z; Bhatt, Ravindra N
24-Mar-2014Quasiholes of 13 and 73 quantum Hall states: Size estimates via exact diagonalization and density-matrix renormalization groupJohri, S; PapiÄ, Z; Bhatt, Ravindra N; Schmitteckert, P
1-Dec-2011Realizing universal edge properties in graphene fractional quantum hall liquidsHu, Z-X; Bhatt, Ravindra N; Wan, X; Yang, K
27-Sep-2012Singular behavior of Anderson-localized wave functions for a two-site modelJohri, S; Bhatt, Ravindra N