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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
5-Dec-2016Dehydrated Sucrose Nanoparticles as Spacers for Graphene–Ionic Liquid Supercapacitor ElectrodesBozym, David J; Korkut, Sibel; Pope, Michael A; Aksay, Ilhan A
14-Jun-2013Clarifying the Dominant Sources and Mechanisms of Cirrus Cloud FormationCziczo, DJ; Froyd, KD; Hoose, C; Jensen, EJ; Diao, M, et al
Feb-2017Selectable light-sheet uniformity using tuned axial scanningDuocastella, Martí; Arnold, Craig B; Puchalla, Jason
2014Buckling of dielectric elastomeric plates for soft, electrically active microfluidic pumpsTavakol, Behrouz; Bozlar, Michael; Punckt, Christian; Froehlicher, Guillaume; Stone, Howard A, et al
16-Jul-2013Evolution of ice crystal regions on the microscale based on in situ observationsDiao, Minghui; Zondlo, Mark A; Heymsfield, Andrew J; Beaton, Stuart P; Rogers, David C
May-2017High-speed axial-scanning wide-field microscopy for volumetric particle tracking velocimetryChen, T-H; Ault, JT; Stone, HA; Arnold, Craig B
-Characterization and Model of Piezoelectrochemical Energy Harvesting Using Lithium ion BatteriesSchiffer, ZJ; Arnold, Craig B
Jul-2016Interfacial diffusion aided deformation during nanoindentationSamanta, Amit; E, Weinan
Feb-2017Generation of nanoscale anticounterfeiting patterns on silicon by optical trap assisted nanopatterningChen, T-H; Tsai, Y-C; Fardel, R; Arnold, Craig B
29-Nov-2016The emergence of longevous populationsColchero, Fernando; Rau, Roland; Jones, Owen R.; Barthold, Julia A.; Conde, Dalia A., et al