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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
2017Forum: The Cantos and Pedagogy: The Cantos and PedagogyKotin, Joshua; Kindellan, Michael
15-Nov-2020Susceptible ArchivesKopf, Anne
2014Afterword: Outside the Black AtlanticGikandi, Simon
2017Response to ResponsesKotin, Joshua; Kindellan, Michael
1-Nov-2017How to Think a Figure; or, Hegel’s CirclesCole, Andrew
1-Dec-2014Performing DesireDolan, Jill; Wolf, Stacy
1-Jan-2016A Questionnaire on MaterialismsCole, Andrew
2014Medievalism without Nostalgia: Guyon’s Swoon and the English Reformation Descensus ad InferosLeo, Russell J
2017Colonial-Indigenous Language Encounters in North America and the Intellectual History of the Atlantic WorldRivett, Sarah; Harvey, Sean P
2015The Species-Life of WorldlingsLeo, Russell J