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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
9-Oct-2015One-sided uncertainty and delay in reputational bargainingAbreu, Dilip J.; Pearce, David; Stacchetti, Ennio
2-Jun-2014An algorithm for two-player repeated games with perfect monitoringAbreu, Dilip J.; Sannikov, Yuliy
Feb-2014A Macroeconomic Model with a Financial SectorBrunnermeier, Markus K.; Sannikov, Yuliy
Aug-2015Market-based estimation of stochastic volatility modelsAit-Sahalia, Yacine; Amengual, Dante; Manresa, Elena
Jun-2012Identifying the successive Blumenthal–Getoor indices of a discretely observed processAit-Sahalia, Yacine; Jacod, Jean
1-Dec-2012Which financial frictions? Parsing the evidence from the financial crisis of 2007 to 2009Adrian, T; Colla, P; Shin, Hyun Song
20-Sep-2016What do university endowment managers worry about? An analysis of alternative asset investments and background incomeRosen, Harvey S.; Sappington, AJW
May-2019Dollar Invoicing and the Heterogeneity of Exchange Rate Pass-ThroughBoz, Emine; Gopinath, Gita; Plagborg-Moller, Mikkel
Dec-2011CommentShin, Hyun Song
Oct-2012The collateral channel: How real estate shocks affect corporate investmentChaney, T; Sraer, David; Thesmar, D