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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
9-Oct-2015One-sided uncertainty and delay in reputational bargainingAbreu, Dilip J.; Pearce, David; Stacchetti, Ennio
2-Jun-2014An algorithm for two-player repeated games with perfect monitoringAbreu, Dilip J.; Sannikov, Yuliy
Sep-2015Has Consumption Inequality Mirrored Income Inequality?Aguiar, Mark A.; Bils, Mark
May-2013The Life-Cycle Profile of Time Spent on Job SearchAguiar, Mark A.; Hurst, Erik; Karabarbounis, Loukas
Jun-2013Deconstructing Life Cycle ExpenditureAguiar, Mark A.; Hurst, Erik
Aug-2013Time Use During the Great RecessionAguiar, Mark A.; Hurst, Erik; Karabarbounis, Loukas
Sep-2015Modeling financial contagion using mutually exciting jump processesAit-Sahalia, Yacine; Cacho-Diaz, Julio; Laeven, Roger J.A.
May-2016Bandwidth selection and asymptotic properties of local nonparametric estimators in possibly nonstationary continuous-time modelsAit-Sahalia, Yacine; Park, Joon Y.
May-2014Sovereign Debt Booms in Monetary UnionsAguiar, Mark A.; Amador, Manuel; Farhi, Emmanuel; Gopinath, Gita
Feb-2014A Macroeconomic Model with a Financial SectorBrunnermeier, Markus K.; Sannikov, Yuliy