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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
2013Energy-efficient contention-based synchronization in OFDMA systems with discrete powers and limited feedbackBacci, Giacomo; Sanguinetti, Luca; Luise, Marco; Poor, Harold Vincent
2017A Fair Individual Rate Comparison between MIMO-NOMA and MIMO-OMAZeng, M; Yadav, A; Dobre, OA; Poor, HV
2014A full-cooperative diversity beamforming scheme in two-way amplified-and-forward relay systemsZhao, Z; Ding, Z; Peng, M; Poor, HV
Mar-2013New Results on Multiple-Input Multiple-Output Broadcast Channels With Confidential MessagesLiu, Ruoheng; Liu, Tie; Poor, H Vincent; Shamai, Shlomo
2009Quickest detection in coupled systemsZhang, Hongzhong; Hadjiliadis, Olympia; Schäfer, Tobias; Poor, H Vincent
2016Rate-distortion dimension of stochastic processesRezagah, Farideh Ebrahim; Jalali, Shirin; Erkip, Elza; Poor, H Vincent
Jun-2015Contract-Based Interference Coordination in Heterogeneous Cloud Radio Access NetworksPeng, Mugen; Xie, Xinqian; Hu, Qiang; Zhang, Jie; Poor, H Vincent
Oct-2012Outage Probability and Outage-Based Robust Beamforming for MIMO Interference Channels with Imperfect Channel State InformationPark, Juho; Sung, Youngchul; Kim, Donggun; Poor, H Vincent
May-2013On the Symmetric Feedback Capacity of the K-User Cyclic Z-Interference ChannelTandon, Ravi; Mohajer, Soheil; Poor, H Vincent
Jan-2013Noisy-Interference Sum-Rate Capacity for Vector Gaussian Interference ChannelsShang, Xiaohu; Poor, H Vincent