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Ab Initio Kinetics of Hydrogen Abstraction from Methyl Acetate by Hydrogen, Methyl, Oxygen, Hydroxyl, and Hydroperoxy Radicals

Author(s): Tan, Ting; Yang, Xueliang; Krauter, Caroline M; Ju, Yiguang; Carter, Emily A

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Abstract: The kinetics of hydrogen abstraction by five radicals (H, O(3P), OH, CH3, and HO2) from methyl acetate (MA) is investigated theoretically in order to gain further understanding of certain aspects of the combustion chemistry of biodiesels, such as the effect of the ester moiety. We employ ab initio quantum chemistry methods, coupled cluster singles and doubles with perturbative triples correction (CCSD(T)) and multireference averaged coupled pair functional theory (MRACPF2), to predict chemically accurate reaction energetics. Overall, MRACPF2 predicts slightly higher barrier heights than CCSD(T) for MA + H/CH3/O/OH, but slightly lower barrier heights for hydrogen abstraction by HO2. Based on the obtained reaction energies, we also report high-pressure-limit rate constants using transition state theory (TST) in conjunction with the separable-hindered-rotor approximation, the variable reaction coordinate TST, and the multi-structure all-structure approach. The fitted modified Arrhenius expressions are provided over a temperature range of 250 to 2000 K. The predictions are in good agreement with available experimental results. Abstractions from both of the methyl groups in MA are expected to contribute to consumption of the fuel as they exhibit similar rate coefficients. The reactions involving the OH radical are predicted to have the highest rates among the five abstracting radicals, while those initiated by HO2 are expected to be the lowest.
Publication Date: 2015
Citation: Tan, Ting, Xueliang Yang, Caroline M. Krauter, Yiguang Ju, and Emily A. Carter. "Ab initio kinetics of hydrogen abstraction from methyl acetate by hydrogen, methyl, oxygen, hydroxyl, and hydroperoxy radicals." The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 119, no. 24 (2015): pp. 6377-6390. doi:10.1021/acs.jpca.5b03506
DOI: 10.1021/acs.jpca.5b03506
ISSN: 1089-5639
EISSN: 1520-5215
Pages: 6377 - 6390
Type of Material: Journal Article
Journal/Proceeding Title: The Journal of Physical Chemistry A
Version: Author's manuscript

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