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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2009Iran's Role and Power in the Region and the International SystemLiechtenstein Institute on Self-Determination
Mar-2011Women as Peace Builders: On the Ground and at the TableLiechtenstein Institute on Self-Determination; Frick, Aurelia; Plassnik, Ursula; Boden, Alison; Jamal, Amaney, et al
20-Oct-2014DRONES FOR PEACEKreuzer, Michael P.
Apr-2011Kabul's Long Shadows: Historical PerspectivesLiechtenstein Institute on Self-Determination; Barry, Michael
Sep-2006Perspectives on the Russian State in TransitionDanspeckgruber, Wolfgang (editor); Lieven, Dominic; Huskey, Eugene; Clarke, Simon; Feshbach, Murray, et al
Oct-2006Creating Security and Stability in Afghanistan and the RegionLiechtenstein Institute on Self-Determination
Oct-2009We the Peoples? The Birth and Death of Self-DeterminationAbulof, Uriel
Apr-2016Emerging European Security ChallengesLiechtenstein Institute on Self-Determination
18-May-2020Priorities for the UN's Children and Armed Conflict Agenda, 2020Liechtenstein Institute on Self-Determination, Watchlist on Children and Armed Conflict
Jul-2005Building State and Security in Afghanistan and the RegionLiechtenstein Institute on Self-Determination