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A/54/641 - S/1999/1210 (Agenda Items 10, 20, 81, and 115)

Author(s): United Nations General Assembly/Security Council

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Abstract: This report from 1999 examines strategic, humanitarian, political, and economic dimensions of the situation in the Balkans and strategies for providing peace, stability, and prosperity in Southeastern Europe. It engages with the aftermath of the Kosovo refugee crisis and the NATO intervention in Serbia. The report focuses on issues including multiethnicity versus homogeneity, the role of other interested countries, children and youth, costs on Albania and the free Republic of Macedonia, ownership of the reconstruction program, refugee return, leadership, civil society, elections, assistance and aid, disarmament, borders, and the Stability Pact. These recommendations were circulated by the Permanent Representative of Liechtenstein to the United Nations in November 1999 as UN document A/54/641 - S/1999/1210.
Publication Date: Nov-1999
Citation: A/54/641 - S/1999/1210
Keywords: Balkans
Type of Material: Other

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