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Post-Hegemonic Regimes and the Prospects for International Cooperation

Author(s): Gottlieb, Stuart

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Abstract: This research shows the limitations of institutionalist assumptions concerning the prospects for the success of international regimes. After showing the theoretical shortcomings of institutionalist and neo-liberal deductions, I propose a "state-power" model for better understanding regime dynamics. I test my propositions with an extensive case study that traces the Western oil regime from its creation under the global hegemony of the United States through its demise after the United States lost relative power in the petroleum issue area. I also show that attempts by the West to re-create a viable oil regime to counter OPEC power have been unsuccessful.
Publication Date: 1993
Electronic Publication Date: 1993
Pages: 78 - 106
Type of Material: Journal Article
Series/Report no.: Volume 4;
Journal/Proceeding Title: Journal of Public and International Affairs
Version: Final published version. Article is made available in OAR by the publisher's permission or policy.

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