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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
28-May-2015Detection of Rest-frame Optical Lines from X-shooter Spectroscopy of Weak Emission-Line QuasarsPlotkin, Richard M; Shemmer, Ohad; Trakhtenbrot, Benny; Anderson, Scott F; Brandt, WN, et al
19-Dec-2016The Final SDSS High-redshift Quasar Sample of 52 Quasars at z>5.7Jiang, Linhua; McGreer, Ian D; Fan, Xiaohui; Strauss, Michael A; Ba nados, Eduardo, et al
21-Apr-2016Recovering the tidal field in the projected galaxy distributionAlonso, David; Hadzhiyska, Boryana; Strauss, Michael A
22-Dec-2015The SDSS-III BOSS quasar lens survey: discovery of 13 gravitationally lensed quasarsMore, Anupreeta; Oguri, Masamune; Kayo, Issha; Zinn, Joel; Strauss, Michael A, et al
15-Sep-2014Close Companions to Two High-redshift QuasarsMcGreer, Ian D; Fan, Xiaohui; Strauss, Michael A; Haiman, Zoltàn; Richards, Gordon T, et al
10-Oct-2016Probing the Interstellar Medium and Star Formation of the Most Luminous Quasar at z = 6.3Wang, Ran; Wu, Xue-Bing; Neri, Roberto; Fan, Xiaohui; Walter, Fabian, et al
19-Jul-2016Spectroscopic identification of type 2 quasars at z < 1 in SDSS-III/BOSSYuan, Sihan; Strauss, Michael A; Zakamska, Nadia L
2-Dec-2014Brightest Cluster Galaxies at the Present EpochLauer, Tod R; Postman, Marc; Strauss, Michael A; Graves, Genevieve J; Chisari, Nora E
6-Aug-2014Star Formation at 4 < z < 6 from the Spitzer Large Area Survey with Hyper-Suprime-Cam (SPLASH)Steinhardt, Charles L; Speagle, Josh S; Capak, Peter; Silverman, John D; Carollo, Marcella, et al