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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2016Dynamical Constraints on the Core Mass of Hot Jupiter HAT-P-13bBuhler, Peter B; Knutson, Heather A.; Batygin, Konstantin; Fulton, Benjamin J; Fortney, Jonathan J., et al
Jan-2016A continuum from clear to cloudy hot-Jupiter exoplanets without primordial water depletionSing, David K; Fortney, Jonathan J.; Nikolov, Nikolay; Wakeford, Hannah R; Kataria, Tiffany, et al
Dec-2015Resolving the HD 100546 Protoplanetary System with the Gemini Planet Imager: Evidence for Multiple Forming, Accreting PlanetsCurrie, Thayne; Cloutier, Ryan; Brittain, Sean; Grady, Carol; Burrows, Adam S., et al
Oct-20153.6 and 4.5 μm Phase Curves of the Highly Irradiated Eccentric Hot Jupiter WASP-14bWong, Ian; Knutson, Heather A.; Lewis, Nikole K; Kataria, Tiffany; Burrows, Adam S., et al
10-Sep-2015Spitzer Secondary Eclipse Observations of Five Cool Gas Giant Planets and Empirical Trends in Cool Planet Emission SpectraKammer, Joshua A.; Knutson, Heather A.; Line, Michael R; Fortney, Jonathan J.; Deming, Drake, et al
1-Jul-2012First Light LBT AO Images of HR 8799 bcde at 1.6 and 3.3 μm: New Discrepancies between Young Planets and Old Brown DwarfsSkemer, Andrew J; Hinz, Philip M; Esposito, Simone; Burrows, Adam S.; Leisenring, Jarron, et al
1-May-2012The Gemini NICI Planet-Finding Campaign: Discovery of a Multiple System Orbiting the Young A Star HD 1160Nielsen, Eric L; Liu, Michael C; Wahhaj, Zahed; Biller, Beth A; Hayward, Thomas L, et al
1-Jun-2012The Impact of Circumplantary Jets on Transit Spectra and Timing Offsets for Hot JupitersDobbs-Dixon, Ian; Agol, Eric; Burrows, Adam S.
21-Jun-2012The hydrodynamic origin of neutron star kicksNordhaus, J; Brandt, TD; Burrows, Adam S.; Almgren, A
Sep-2015HD 97658 and its super-EarthVan Grootel, V; Gillon, M; Valencia, D; Madhusudhan, N; Dragomir, D, et al