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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
29-Aug-2018Intrinsic neuronal dynamics predict distinct functional roles during working memory.Wasmuht, D.F.; Spaak, E.; Buschman, Timothy J.; Miller, E.K.; Stokes, M.G.
6-Aug-2018Reductions in Retrieval Competition Predict the Benefit of Repeated Testing.Rafidi, Nicole S.; Hulbert, Justin C.; Brooks, Paula P.; Norman, Kenneth A.
Aug-2018Objectifying Women’s Bodies is Acceptable from an Intimate Perpetrator, at Least for Female SexistsLameiras-Fernández, María; Fiske, Susan T.; Fernández, Antonio González; Lopez, José F
Aug-2018Neural Mechanisms of Sustained Attention Are RhythmicHelfrich, Randolph F.; Fiebelkorn, Ian C.; Szczepanski, Sara M.; Lin, Jack J.; Parvizi, Josef; et al
31-Jul-2018Early Life Stress in Rodents: Animal Models of Illness or Resilience?Murthy, Sahana; Gould, Elizabeth
Jul-2018Human Adult Neurogenesis: Evidence and Remaining QuestionsKempermann, Gerd; Gage, Fred H.; Aigner, Ludwig; Song, Hongjun; Curtis, Maurice A.; et al
Jul-2018Individual differences in nonverbal prediction and vocabulary size in infancyReuter, Tracy; Emberson, Lauren; Romberg, Alexa; Lew-Williams, Casey
Jun-2018Constraints and flexibility during vocal development: insights from marmoset monkeysGhazanfar, Asif A.; Liao, Diana A.
Jun-2018Sleep spindle refractoriness segregates periods of memory reactivationAntony, James W.; Piloto, Luis; Wang, Margaret; Pacheco, Paula; Norman, Kenneth A.; et al
17-Apr-2018Evidence supporting a role for astrocytes in the regulation of cognitive flexibility and neuronal oscillations through the Ca2+ binding protein S100βBrockett, Adam T.; Kane, Gary A.; Monari, Patrick K.; Briones, Brandy A.; Vigneron, Pierre-Antoine; et al
Apr-2018Forgetting from lapses of sustained attentiondeBettencourt, Megan T.; Norman, Kenneth A.; Turk-Browne, Nicholas B.
Apr-2018Promises and limitations of human intracranial electroencephalographyParvizi, Josef; Kastner, Sabine
Apr-2018Stereotype Content: Warmth and Competence EndureFiske, Susan T.
4-Mar-2018Perceived threat to national values in evaluating stereotyped immigrantsTsukamoto, Saori; Fiske, Susan T.
20-Feb-2018Vocal development through morphological computationZhang, Yisi S.; Ghazanfar, Asif A.
Feb-2018A probabilistic approach to discovering dynamic full-brain functional connectivity patternsManning, Jeremy R.; Zhu, Xia; Willke, Theodore L.; Ranganath, Rajesh; Stachenfeld, Kimberly; et al
1-Jan-2018Refresh my memory: Episodic memory reinstatements intrude on working memory maintenanceHoskin, Abigail N.; Bornstein, Aaron M.; Norman, Kenneth A.; Cohen, Jonathan D.
1-Jan-2018An exercise in self-replication: Replicating Shah, Mullainathan, and Shafir (2012)Shah, Anuj K.; Mullainathan, Sendhil; Shafir, Eldar
11-Dec-2017The full moon and motorcycle related mortality: population based double control study.Redelmeier, Donald A.; Shafir, Eldar
Dec-2017Neural Signatures of Spatial Statistical Learning: Characterizing the Extraction of Structure from Complex Visual ScenesKaruza, Elisabeth A.; Emberson, Lauren L.; Roser, Matthew E.; Cole, Daniel; Aslin, Richard N.; et al