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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2014Multitasking versus multiplexing: Toward a normative account of limitations in the simultaneous execution of control-demanding behaviorsFeng, S.F.; Schwemmer, M.; Gershman, S.J.; Cohen, Jonathan D.
15-Mar-2017The computational nature of memory modificationGershman, Samuel J.; Monfils, Marie-H; Norman, Kenneth A.; Niv, Yael
Jun-2018Sleep spindle refractoriness segregates periods of memory reactivationAntony, James W.; Piloto, Luis; Wang, Margaret; Pacheco, Paula; Norman, Kenneth A., et al
6-Nov-2014Statistical Computations Underlying the Dynamics of Memory UpdatingGershman, Samuel J.; Radulescu, Angela; Norman, Kenneth A.; Niv, Yael
7-May-2014Topographic Factor Analysis: A Bayesian Model for Inferring Brain Networks from Neural DataManning, Jeremy R.; Ranganath, Rajesh; Norman, Kenneth A.; Blei, David M.
Jan-2016Statistical learning of temporal community structure in the hippocampusSchapiro, Anna C.; Turk-Browne, Nicholas B.; Norman, Kenneth A.; Botvinick, Matthew M.
Jun-2012The Successor Representation and Temporal ContextGershman, Samuel J.; Moore, Christopher D.; Todd, Michael T.; Norman, Kenneth A.; Sederberg, Per B.
3-Nov-2021Brain kernel: A new spatial covariance function for fMRI dataWu, Anqi; Nastase, Samuel A.; Baldassano, Christopher A.; Turk-Browne, Nicholas B.; Norman, Kenneth A., et al
3-May-2019Cognitive Dissonance: Where We’ve Been and Where We’re GoingCooper, Joel
2020Decentralized Reinforcement Learning: Global Decision-Making via Local Economic TransactionsChang, Michael; Kaushik, Sid; Weinberg, S Matthew; Griffiths, Tom; Levine, Sergey