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Dynamics and topology of a flexible chain: knots in steady shear flow

Author(s): Kuei, Steve; Słowicka, Agnieszka M; Ekiel-Jeżewska, Maria L; Wajnryb, Eligiusz; Stone, Howard A

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Abstract: We use numerical simulations of a bead-spring model chain to investigate the evolution of the conformations of long and flexible elastic fibers in a steady shear flow. In particular, for rather open initial configurations, and by varying a dimensionless elastic parameter, we identify two distinct conformational modes with different final size, shape, and orientation. Through further analysis we identify slipknots in the chain. Finally, we provide examples of initial configurations of an 'open' trefoil knot that the flow unknots and then knots again, sometimes repeating several times.
Publication Date: 1-May-2015
Electronic Publication Date: 8-May-2015
Citation: Kuei, Steve, Słowicka, Agnieszka M, Ekiel-Jeżewska, Maria L, Wajnryb, Eligiusz, Stone, Howard A. (2015). Dynamics and topology of a flexible chain: knots in steady shear flow. New Journal of Physics, 17 (5), 053009 - 053009. doi:10.1088/1367-2630/17/5/053009
DOI: doi:10.1088/1367-2630/17/5/053009
EISSN: 1367-2630
Pages: 053009 - 053009
Type of Material: Journal Article
Journal/Proceeding Title: New Journal of Physics
Version: Author's manuscript

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