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Potentiating antibacterial activity by predictably enhancing endogenous microbial ROS production

Author(s): Brynildsen, Mark P; Winkler, Jonathan A; Spina, Catherine S; MacDonald, I Cody; Collins, James J

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Abstract: The ever-increasing incidence of antibiotic-resistant infections combined with a weak pipeline of new antibiotics has created a global public health crisis1 . Accordingly, novel strategies for enhancing our antibiotic arsenal are needed. As antibiotics kill bacteria in part by inducing reactive oxygen species (ROS)2–4 , we reasoned that targeting microbial ROS production might potentiate antibiotic activity. Here we show that ROS production can be predictably enhanced in Escherichia coli, increasing the bacteria’s susceptibility to oxidative attack. We developed an ensemble, genome-scale metabolic modeling approach capable of predicting ROS production in E. coli. The metabolic network was systematically perturbed and its flux distribution analyzed to identify targets predicted to increase ROS production. In silico–predicted targets were experimentally validated and shown to confer increased susceptibility to oxidants. Validated targets also increased susceptibility to killing by antibiotics. This work establishes a systems-based method to tune ROS production in bacteria and demonstrates that increased microbial ROS production can potentiate killing by oxidants and antibiotics.
Publication Date: 6-Jan-2013
Electronic Publication Date: 6-Jan-2013
Citation: Brynildsen, Mark P, Winkler, Jonathan A, Spina, Catherine S, MacDonald, I Cody, Collins, James J. (2013). Potentiating antibacterial activity by predictably enhancing endogenous microbial ROS production. Nature Biotechnology, 31 (2), 160 - 165. doi:10.1038/nbt.2458
DOI: doi:10.1038/nbt.2458
ISSN: 1087-0156
EISSN: 1546-1696
Pages: 160 - 165
Type of Material: Journal Article
Journal/Proceeding Title: Nature Biotechnology
Version: Author's manuscript

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