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The Middle East: Prospects for Soviet-American Cooperation in the Post-Cold War Era

Author(s): Young, Joseph

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Abstract: The Gulf conflict has been an occasion for much discussion on the possibility of Soviet-American cooperation in the Middle East. Several developments have made this a real- istic possibility, in particular Gorbachev's diplomatic ap- proach to the region. Two issues, terrorism and Soviet- Jewish emigration, afford opportunities for cooperation in the near term, despite several obstacles. With regard to missile proliferation and the Arab-Israeli conflict, however, collaboration will most likely be postponed by the evolv- ing situation in Iraq and the obstructive policies of other regional players. Still, one can imagine possible forms of collaboration on these issues as well.
Publication Date: 1991
Pages: 1-14
Type of Material: Journal Article
Journal/Proceeding Title: Journal of Public and International Affairs
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