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Chemical and Biological Engineering

Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
1-Sep-2017A resilient and efficient CFD framework: Statistical learning tools for multi-fidelity and heterogeneous information fusionLee, Seungjoon; Kevrekidis, Yannis G.; Karniadakis, George Em
1-Sep-2017Microfluidic immobilization and subcellular imaging of developing Caenorhabditis elegansShivers, J; Uppaluri, S; Brangwynne, CP
1-Sep-2017Short distance neutrino Oscillations with BoreXino: SOXCaccianiga, B; Agostini, M; Altenmuller, K; Appel, S; Atroshchenko, V; et al
6-Aug-2017Stable synthesis of few-layered boron nitride nanotubes by anodic arc dischargeYeh, Yao-Wen; Raitses, Yevgeny; Koel, Bruce E.; Yao, Nan
1-Jul-2017An Exploration Algorithm for Stochastic Simulators Driven by Energy GradientsGeorgiou, Anastasia S.; Bello-Rivas, Juan M.; Gear, Charles William; Wu, Hau-Tieng; Chiavazzo, Eliodoro; et al
Jul-2017Computational models of airway branching morphogenesisVarner, Victor D.; Nelson, Celeste M.
23-May-2017Directionally Interacting Spheres and Rods Form Ordered PhasesLiu, Wenyan; Mahynski, Nathan A.; Gang, Oleg; Panagiotopoulos, Athanassios Z.; Kumar, Sanat K.
May-2017Microfabricated tissues for investigating traction forces involved in cell migration and tissue morphogenesisNerger, Bryan A; Siedlik, Michael J; Nelson, Celeste M
18-Apr-2017Molecular Modeling of Thermodynamic and Transport Properties for CO 2 and Aqueous BrinesJiang, Hao; Economou, Ioannis G; Panagiotopoulos, Athanassios Z
1-Apr-2017Uncoupling neurogenic gene networks in the Drosophila embryoRogers, William A; Goyal, Yogesh; Yamaya, Kei; Shvartsman, Stanislav Y; Levine, Michael S
29-Mar-2017Initial studies of plasma facing component surface conditioning in the national spherical tokamak experiment upgrade with the materials analysis particle probeBedoya, F.; Allain, J.P.; Kaita, R.; Skinner, C.H.; Koel, Bruce E.; et al
Mar-2017Divergent effects of intrinsically active MEK variants on developmental Ras signalingGoyal, Yogesh; Jindal, Granton A; Pelliccia, José L; Yamaya, Kei; Yeung, Eyan; et al
Feb-2017Functional constraints on phenomenological coefficientsKlika, Václav; Pavelka, Michal; Benziger, Jay B.
Feb-2017Structural and dynamic properties of liquid tin from a new modified embedded-atom method force fieldVella, Joseph R; Chen, Mohan; Stillinger, Frank H; Carter, Emily A; Debenedetti, Pablo G; et al
23-Jan-2017The Spatiotemporal Limits of Developmental Erk SignalingJohnson, Heath E; Goyal, Yogesh; Pannucci, Nicole L; Schüpbach, Trudi; Shvartsman, Stanislav Y; et al
12-Jan-2017Spatiotemporal Control of Intracellular Phase Transitions Using Light-Activated optoDropletsShin, Y; Berry, J; Pannucci, N; Haataja, MP; Toettcher, JE; et al
1-Jan-2017Revisiting diffusion: Self-similar solutions and the t-1/2 decay in initial and initial-boundary value problemsKevrekidis, P.G.; Williams, M.O.; Mantzavinos, D.; Charalampidis, E.G.; Choi, M.; et al
1-Jan-2017Data Mining When Each Data Point is a NetworkRajendran, K; Kattis, A; Holiday, A; Kondor, R; Kevrekidis, Yannis G.
2017Advances in boronization on NSTX-UpgradeSkinner, C.H.; Bedoya, F.; Scotti, F.; Allain, J.P.; Blanchard, W.; et al
2017Borexino: geo-neutrino measurement at Gran Sasso, ItalyAgostini, Matteo; Altenmueller, Konrad; Appel, Simon; Bellini, Gianpaolo; Benziger, Jay; et al