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Large-area nanosquare arrays from shear-aligned block copolymer thin films

Author(s): Kim, SY; Nunns, A; Gwyther, J; Davis, RL; Manners, I; et al

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Abstract: While block copolymer lithography has been broadly applied as a bottom-up patterning technique, only a few nanopattern symmetries, such as hexagonally packed dots or parallel stripes, can be produced by spontaneous self-assembly of simple diblock copolymers; even a simple square packing has heretofore required more intricate macromolecular architectures or nanoscale substrate prepatterning. In this study, we demonstrate that square, rectangular, and rhombic arrays can be created via shear-alignment of distinct layers of cylinder-forming block copolymers, coupled with cross-linking of the layers using ultraviolet light. Furthermore, these block copolymer arrays can in turn be used as templates to fabricate dense, substrate-supported arrays of nanostructures comprising a wide variety of elements: deep (>50 nm) nanowells, nanoposts, and thin metal nanodots (3 nm thick, 35 nm pitch) are all demonstrated.
Publication Date: 2014
Citation: Kim, SY, Nunns, A, Gwyther, J, Davis, RL, Manners, I, Chaikin, PM, Register, RA. (2014). Large-area nanosquare arrays from shear-aligned block copolymer thin films. Nano Letters, 14 (5698 - 5705. doi:10.1021/nl502416b
DOI: doi:10.1021/nl502416b
Pages: 5698 - 5705
Type of Material: Journal Article
Journal/Proceeding Title: Nano Letters
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