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Fine-grained semantics for attitude reports

Author(s): Lederman, Harvey

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Publication Date: Mar-2021
Citation: Harvey Lederman. Fine-grained semantics for attitude reports. Semantics and Pragmatics, 14, 2021. DOI:
ISSN: 1937-8912
Type of Material: Journal Article
Journal/Proceeding Title: Semantics and Pragmatics
Version: Author's manuscript
Notes: This is a version of a paper which was published by Semantics & Pragmatics. To meet the journal's word limit, I cut two appendices and a number of footnotes from that version of the paper. In case that material may be useful to some, I am posting a full version here. Aside from the appendices, the principal differences between this version and the published one are: the inclusion of the final paragraph of section 1, a different version of the final paragraph of section 3, and the inclusion of notes 9, 19, 25, and 29.

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