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Trimer-based spin liquid candidate Ba4NbIr3O12

Author(s): Nguyen, Loi Thuan; Cava, Robert Joseph

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Abstract: © 2019 American Physical Society. Ba4NbIr3O12, a material with a triangular planar geometry of Ir3O12 trimers, is described. Magnetic susceptibility measurements show it to be paramagnetic with no magnetic ordering down to 1.8 K despite the Curie-Weiss temperature (θCW) of -13 K. The material has a very low effective magnetic moment (μeff) of 0.80 μB/f.u. To look at the lower-temperature behavior, the specific heat (Cp) was measured down to 0.35 K; it shows no indication of magnetic ordering and fitting a power law to Cp vs T below 2 K yields the power α=3/4. Comparison to the trimer compound made with the 4d element Rh in place of the 5d element Ir, Ba4NbRh3O12, which is also paramagnetic (μeff=1.48μB/f.u., θCW=-23K), is presented. The analysis suggests that Ba4NbIr3O12 is a candidate spin liquid material.
Publication Date: Jan-2019
Electronic Publication Date: 23-Jan-2019
Citation: Nguyen, L.T., Cava, R.J. (2019). Trimer-based spin liquid candidate B a4NbI r3 O12. Physical Review Materials, 3 (1), 10.1103/PhysRevMaterials.3.014412
DOI: doi:10.1103/PhysRevMaterials.3.014412
EISSN: 2475-9953
Pages: 3.1:014412-1 - 014412-6
Type of Material: Journal Article
Journal/Proceeding Title: Physical Review Materials
Version: Final published version. Article is made available in OAR by the publisher's permission or policy.
Notes: Physical Review Materials. Volume 3, Issue 1, 23 January 2019, Article number 014412.

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