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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2016Evolution of segmented stringsGubser, Steven S
Dec-2011Dynamic critical phenomena at a holographic critical pointDeWolfe, Oliver; Gubser, Steven S; Rosen, Christopher
8-Nov-2013Maximally Informative “Stimulus Energies” in the Analysis of Neural Responses to Natural SignalsRajan, Kanaka; Bialek, William
Jul-2013Equilibration and coarsening in the quantum O(N) model at infinite NChandran, Anushya; Nanduri, Arun; Gubser, Steven S; Sondhi, Shivaji L
Jan-2015Complexified boost invariance and holographic heavy ion collisionsGubser, Steven S; van der Schee, Wilke
10-Sep-2014Inverse Spin Glass and Related Maximum Entropy ProblemsCastellana, Michele; Bialek, William
11-Mar-2014Morphogenesis at criticalityKrotov, Dmitry; Dubuis, Julien O; Gregor, Thomas; Bialek, William
Jan-2013Complex deformations of Bjorken flowGubser, Steven S
Jan-2014Searching for Collective Behavior in a Large Network of Sensory NeuronsTkacik, Gasper; Marre, Olivier; Amodei, Dario; Schneidman, Elad; Bialek, William, et al
20-May-2014Social interactions dominate speed control in poising natural flocks near criticalityBialek, William; Cavagna, Andrea; Giardina, Irene; Mora, Thierry; Pohl, Oliver, et al