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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2014A Prototype Global Drought Information System Based on Multiple Land Surface ModelsNijssen, Bart; Shukla, Shraddhanand; Lin, Chiyu; Gao, Huilin; Zhou, Tian, et al
2015Flood and drought hydrologic monitoring: the role of model parameter uncertaintyChaney, NW; Herman, JD; Reed, PM; Wood, EF
1-Jul-2014Changing water availability during the African maize-growing season, 1979–2010Estes, Lyndon D; Chaney, Nathaniel W; Herrera-Estrada, Julio; Sheffield, Justin; Caylor, Kelly K, et al
Apr-2015The Attribution of Land–Atmosphere Interactions on the Seasonal Predictability of DroughtRoundy, Joshua K; Wood, Eric F
1-Feb-2015Internationally coordinated multi-mission planning is now critical to sustain the space-based rainfall observations needed for managing floods globallyReed, Patrick M; Chaney, Nathaniel W; Herman, Jonathan D; Ferringer, Matthew P; Wood, Eric F
1-Mar-2014Did a skillful prediction of sea surface temperatures help or hinder forecasting of the 2012 Midwestern US drought?Kam, Jonghun; Sheffield, Justin; Yuan, Xing; Wood, Eric F
2013Benchmark products for land evapotranspiration: LandFlux-EVAL multi-data set synthesisMueller, B; Hirschi, M; Jimenez, C; Ciais, P; Dirmeyer, PA, et al
May-2013The Influence of Atlantic Tropical Cyclones on Drought over the Eastern United States (1980–2007)Kam, Jonghun; Sheffield, Justin; Yuan, Xing; Wood, Eric F
2014Continental-scale impacts of intra-seasonal rainfall variability on simulated ecosystem responses in AfricaGuan, K; Good, SP; Caylor, KK; Sato, H; Wood, EF, et al
2013On the sources of global land surface hydrologic predictabilityShukla, S; Sheffield, J; Wood, EF; Lettenmaier, DP