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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2015On the Climatology of Precipitable Water and Water Vapor Flux in the Mid-Atlantic Region of the United StatesRyu, Young-Hee; Smith, James A; Bou-Zeid, Elie
Sep-2014North Atlantic Tropical Cyclones and U.S. FloodingVillarini, Gabriele; Goska, Radoslaw; Smith, James A; Vecchi, Gabriel A
2015Aircraft measurements of BrO, IO, glyoxal, NO<sub>2</sub>, H<sub>2</sub>O, O<sub>2</sub>–O<sub>2</sub> and aerosol extinction profiles in the tropics: comparison with aircraft-/ship-based in situ and lidar measurementsVolkamer, R; Baidar, S; Campos, TL; Coburn, S; DiGangi, JP, et al
Dec-2011Observed Land–Atmosphere Coupling from Satellite Remote Sensing and ReanalysisFerguson, Craig R; Wood, Eric F
27-Sep-2015Ammonia and methane dairy emission plumes in the San Joaquin Valley of California from individual feedlot to regional scalesMiller, David J; Sun, Kang; Tao, Lei; Pan, Da; Zondlo, Mark A, et al
Feb-2012Multimodel Analysis of Energy and Water Fluxes: Intercomparisons between Operational Analyses, a Land Surface Model, and Remote SensingVinukollu, Raghuveer K; Sheffield, Justin; Wood, Eric F; Bosilovich, Michael G; Mocko, David
Oct-2011The Second Phase of the Global Land–Atmosphere Coupling Experiment: Soil Moisture Contributions to Subseasonal Forecast SkillKoster, RD; Mahanama, SPP; Yamada, TJ; Balsamo, Gianpaolo; Berg, AA, et al
2014Open-path, quantum cascade-laser-based sensor for high-resolution atmospheric ammonia measurementsMiller, DJ; Sun, K; Tao, L; Khan, MA; Zondlo, MA
Jan-2013Changing Frequency of Heavy Rainfall over the Central United StatesVillarini, Gabriele; Smith, James A; Vecchi, Gabriel A
2016The GEWEX LandFlux project: evaluation of model evaporation using tower-based and globally gridded forcing dataMcCabe, MF; Ershadi, A; Jimenez, C; Miralles, DG; Michel, D, et al