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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
2020Affine Determinant Programs: A Framework for Obfuscation and Witness EncryptionBartusek, James; Ishai, Yuval; Jain, Aayush; Ma, Fermi; Sahai, Amit; et al
2016Annihilation Attacks for Multilinear Maps: Cryptanalysis of Indistinguishability Obfuscation over GGH13Miles, Eric; Sahai, Amit; Zhandry, Mark
2016Anonymous Traitor Tracing: How to Embed Arbitrary Information in a KeyNishimaki, Ryo; Wichs, Daniel; Zhandry, Mark
2017Breaking the Sub-Exponential Barrier in ObfustopiaGarg, Sanjam; Pandey, Omkant; Srinivasan, Akshayaram; Zhandry, Mark
Dec-2018Cutting-edge cryptography through the lens of secret sharingKomargodski, Ilan; Zhandry, Mark
2019The Distinction Between Fixed and Random Generators in Group-Based AssumptionsBartusek, James; Ma, Fermi; Zhandry, Mark
2016How to Generate and Use Universal SamplersHofheinz, Dennis; Jager, Tibor; Khurana, Dakshita; Sahai, Amit; Waters, Brent; et al
2019How to Record Quantum Queries, and Applications to Quantum IndifferentiabilityZhandry, Mark
2020Indifferentiability for Public Key CryptosystemsZhandry, Mark; Zhang, Cong
2016The Magic of ELFsZhandry, Mark
2019The Magic of ELFsZhandry, Mark
2017Multiparty Key Exchange, Efficient Traitor Tracing, and More from Indistinguishability ObfuscationBoneh, Dan; Zhandry, Mark
2014Multiparty Key Exchange, Efficient Traitor Tracing, and More from Indistinguishability ObfuscationBoneh, Dan; Zhandry, Mark
2020Multiparty Non-Interactive Key Exchange and More From Isogenies on Elliptic CurvesBoneh, Dan; Glass, Darren; Krashen, Daniel; Lauter, Kristin; Sharif, Shahed; et al
2017New Security Notions and Feasibility Results for Authentication of Quantum DataGarg, Sumegha; Yuen, Henry; Zhandry, Mark
2019New Techniques for Obfuscating ConjunctionsBartusek, James; Lepoint, Tancrède; Ma, Fermi; Zhandry, Mark
2020New Techniques for Traitor Tracing: Size 𝑁1/3 and More from PairingsZhandry, Mark
2019On ELFs, Deterministic Encryption, and Correlated-Input SecurityZhandry, Mark
2019On Finding Quantum Multi-collisionsLiu, Qipeng; Zhandry, Mark
Jun-2020One-shot signatures and applications to hybrid quantum/classical authenticationAmos, Ryan; Georgiou, Marios; Kiayias, Aggelos; Zhandry, Mark